September 23, 2021

Organizations committed to operating ethically enjoy many benefits that create the conditions for business success. Below see 6 of the key advantages of creating and reinforcing a strong culture of ethical behavior.

Improves the Bottom line

Organizations that act ethically Perform 14% better than comparable, less-ethical competitors.


94% of employees want to work for an organization that conducts itself ethically. 92% of employees are likely to recommend their organization to someone looking for a job.


Employees are 3 times more likely to behave responsibly when an organization’s leadership exhibits a strong commitment to ethical conduct.

Creates a Positive Work Environment

90% of employees working at ethically-minded organizations say they’re more inspired, motivated and loyal.

Avoids Fines and Lawsuits

Ethical organizations pay 94% Less in penalties, fines and legal actions.

Boosts Brand Loyalty

2 in 3 Consumers choose a brand based on its ethical values and are willing to pay more for the brand’s products and services.

Traliant Insight

Being an ethically-minded organization provides competitive advantages in recruiting and retention, customer loyalty and the bottom line. As part of a comprehensive strategy to foster an ethical workplace, interactive Code of Conduct training can bring your organization’s written principles, values and guidelines to life, empowering employees to make the right decisions and speak up if they witness misconduct.

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