May 3, 2023

Recent research from Gartner suggests that by the end of 2023, 39% of global knowledge workers will work hybrid, up from 37% in 2022. What’s more, McKinsey found that even though hybrid work can be inconsistent, workers seem to be very interested in it and reluctant to give it up. According to their survey, 75 percent of respondents indicated a preference for a hybrid work model. 

Hybrid is no longer just an employee perk but an employee expectation. Many employees started to partially return to the office in 2022, but the hybrid workstyle will remain prominent in 2023 and beyond. To adapt, employers have been implementing a human-centric work design—including flexibility, intentional collaboration and empathy-based management—which suits hybrid employees.


At Traliant, we believe the rise of the hybrid workplace offers an opportunity for organizations to recommit to an inclusive work environment and address the special challenges that this new workplace model may pose. But with so much information out there, it can be difficult to know where to start.  

To make it easier for you, we’ve combed through some of the latest research to learn more about what experts are saying when it comes to a hybrid work model—and how to make it work for your diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. Here are four of our favorite influencers to follow, and what they have to say. 

Tsedal Neeley | Award-winning professor in the Organization Behavior Unit at Harvard Business School 

In her recent Ted Talk4 ways to make hybrid work better for everyone, Tsedal asks her listeners: How can we rethink hybrid work so that it brings out the best in both in-person and distributed employees? Why we like it: Tsedal talks about the importance of matching our digital tools with our communication objectives—what we view as prioritizing culture and basing every decision (large or small) around company values. Listen to, or read, the full five minutes.  

Michael Park | Senior Partner, People and Organizational Performance Practice leader at McKinsey & Company 

In his recent article featured in McKinsey, Michael highlights new research detailing what empowered employees love about the hybrid work environment alongside authors Bonnie Dowling, Drew Goldstein, and Holly Price. Why we like it: The authors hone in on how to avoid the hybrid risks to your diversity, equity, and inclusion program by equipping managers with the right tools when navigating a more flexible work schedule. Download the full nine pages, or listen via soundcloud

Maribel Lopez | Technology Analyst, Speaker, Author 

In an episode of her podcastReimagining Hybrid Work, Maribel sits down Dr. Kathryn J. Coleman, Senior Vice President of Talent, Learning, and Insights at 3M. In 2021, 3M rolled out a strategy called Work Your Way—and Maribel discovers the lessons the company has learned since putting this strategy into place. Why we like it: In defining how their organization could best support a mixture of hybrid work, remote work and full-time office workers, 3M discusses what compliance looks like for multi-state employers, and how to best navigate through these complexities in a way that continues to put employees at the forefront. Listen to the 25 minute episode.  

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Veronica Bocian