July 13, 2017

Modular, customizable compliance training for modern learners

MANHATTAN BEACH, CA, July 13, 2017 – Traliant, an innovator in online compliance training, today announced a new Code of Conduct training course that uses the power of interactive videos and gamification to help organizations promote a culture of compliance and educate employees on key ethics and compliance issues.

“Organizations spend millions each year to settle ethics and compliance violations, so it’s essential that their code of conduct training is up to date and relevant to a digital workforce,” said Mike Pallatta, Traliant’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our new Code of Conduct training enables organizations to communicate their principles, policies and expectations for dealing with specific risk areas in a way that is interactive, relatable and visually dynamic.”

Choose from 25 ethics and compliance modules
With Traliant’s modular platform, organizations can choose the length of the training and personalize the content, graphics and images to fit their business and industry. They also have the option to feature their CEO in a “tone from the top” message to emphasize the importance of acting ethically. Traliant’s in-house production team can film executives on location or in a local studio to create the ideal setting for any company.

Organizations can further customize the training by choosing the most relevant topics for their business from over 25 modules. Topics include: anti-bribery/anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, conflicts of interest, information security, social media, anti-bribery/anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, business gifts and entertainment, respectful workplace, environmental stewardship, political activities and many more.

Motivating learners to make ethical decisions
By creatively using motion graphics, short, TV-like episodes and broadcast-quality videos, Traliant is resetting the notion of how employees experience compliance training. A hallmark of its instructional design are interactive video stories with multiple endings. As learners immerse themselves in the story, they must chose the course of action for the characters and then view the same situation with a different outcome.

“Involving employees in the decision-making process is essential in changing behaviors and attitudes and reinforcing the principle that actions have consequences,” said Anil D’Souza, Traliant’s Vice President of Learning. “This learn-by-doing technique motivates learners to understand their responsibility to protect their organization and its reputation.”

Traliant’s Code of Conduct training also features:

  • A familiar news show format, with timely news stories, Viewer Mailbag and Twitter segments that address common FAQs.
  • Entertaining, gamified exercises, with engagement points that can improve concentration and knowledge retention.
  • A Code of Conduct Acknowledgement Form, confirming that employees have completed the training and agree to follow their organization’s code and policies.
  • An LMS that makes it easy for organizations to roll out the training and manage and report on pending or past-due completion dates.

To learn more about Traliant’s Code of Conduct training, visit /code-of-conduct/