January 11, 2018

First to enable organizations to measure and improve employee engagement

MANHATTAN BEACH, CA, January 11, 2018 Traliant, a provider of interactive, online compliance training for the modern workforce, today announced the availability of a new LMS leaderboard designed to measure and increase employee engagement and completion rates, and improve the overall compliance training experience.

Leaderboards, point systems and other gamification elements help solve the problem of boring compliance training, while giving organizations more tools and data to boost employee motivation and participation, and change behavior and attitudes about ethical workplace conduct.  

“Everyone talks about improving employee engagement in online training. Our new leaderboard lets managers actually measure and reward it,” said Mike Pallatta, Traliant’s Chief Executive Officer. “Organizations are using our leaderboard to drive higher scores and completion rates, and to reward employees who demonstrate they understand critical compliance topics, such as preventing sexual harassment and discrimination and conflicts of interest.”

With Traliant’s new LMS leaderboard, managers can customize how they view the data – by the training scores of individuals or entire departments, due dates, course titles or other criteria. Managers can then award “gold” certificates or badges to employees who earn the top scores. These kinds of reward programs have been found to boost engagement, encourage early and on-time course completion, and promote a friendly sense of competition among co-workers.

compliance training engagement point leaderboard

Employees at Superior Graphic Packaging in Los Angeles have been training with Traliant’s compliance training courses since 2016, and the engagement point system has been a big hit.  When asked about his experience with the Preventing Discrimination and Harassment course, a production line worker said, “I was actually trying to get a high score, so I was trying to get everything right and double-checking everything before I continued.”  

The leaderboard is now integrated into Traliant’s Learning Management System. Both current and future customers have access to it for no additional cost. To learn more about Traliant’s new LMS Leaderboard, visit: https://www.traliant.com/engagement-point-leaderboard/

Features of Traliant’s New LMS Leaderboard

The LMS Leaderboard enables Department Managers and HR Professionals to:

  • Easily customize the leaderboard to track and view top performers and sort by score, department, course, due date and more
  • Measure year-over-year improvement in employee engagement
  • Measure employee engagement between various courses
  • Determine what training scores qualify as “gold” and then recognize top performers with certificates, badges or other rewards.
  • Provide feedback and send reminder emails by sorting, checking a box or writing a personal message. For example, “Congrats, Amy, for achieving a score of 98 on your Code of Conduct training. You’ve just earned a Gold Certificate!”
  • Encourage a higher level of participation and promote healthy competition among employees, while reinforcing the importance of preventing discrimination, harassment, retaliation and other unethical workplace conduct.