Chicago Bystander Intervention Training

Designed to meet Chicago’s annual training requirement for all employees

The term bystander intervention refers to situations where someone who isn’t directly involved steps in to assist someone who may be at risk. Equipped with the right knowledge, intervention techniques and motivation, active bystanders can defuse potentially harmful situations and support co-workers, who are targets of sexual harassment, discrimination and other unacceptable behaviors.

Bystander intervention training is a core component of an effective compliance training program to address workplace misconduct and prevent future incidents. In addition, training provides an interactive learning experience that reinforces policies and reporting procedures and underscores the organization’s commitment to create a safe, respectful and inclusive work culture.

Online Chicago Bystander Intervention Training

This 60-min. course explores the role that bystanders play in addressing and stopping harassment, discrimination and other workplace misconduct. Topics are presented in four interactive episodes.  A video scenario depicts different bystander intervention techniques in action, along with viewer emails, tweets and a variety of challenges that address common questions and reinforce steps that everyone can take to stop bad behavior and foster a speak-up culture.

Effective July 1, 2022, Chicago employers must provide one hour of bystander training to all employees and managers annually. This course is designed to meet the city’s requirements. Additionally, each year Chicago employers must provide sexual harassment prevention training to all employees (1 hour) and supervisors and managers (2 hours).


This course covers these topics and more:

  • What is a bystander?
  • What is sexual harassment and sexual misconduct?
  • Impact of active bystanders
  • The Bystander Effect
  • Different intervention techniques to disrupt, confront and support
  • Tips for speaking up and taking action

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Our modern approach to online compliance training is designed to help organizations create a safe, ethical and inclusive work culture. Traliant courses are mobile optimized for access on any device and can be easily customized to reflect your organization’s policies, culture, branding and leadership message.

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US Congress Office of Compliance Logo“We look forward to working with Traliant on Bystander Intervention Training. The topic is an addition to an expanding catalog of anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training, critical to our mission to educate the legislative branch workforce.”

Susan Tsui Grundmann,  Executive Director, US Congressional Office of Compliance

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