April 25, 2024

Training Industry Magazine ─ In a new byline article, Elissa Rossi, Vice President of Compliance Services at Traliant, addresses how compliance strategies are changing in 2024. She predicts that lawmakers and regulators will start to focus more on preventing all types of harassment, not just sexual harassment. This shift is influenced by movements like #MeToo, which have pushed for stronger laws and training requirements.

“In 2024 and beyond, it’s probable that legislatures and regulators will emphasize that harassment prevention goes beyond sexual harassment.”

─ Elissa Rossi, Vice President of Compliance Services at Traliant

Rossi also talks about how there will likely be more requests for religious accommodations from employees. This comes after a recent Supreme Court decision made it harder for employers to refuse these requests. To handle these changes, Rossi emphasizes the need for updated training and information for employers.

The article stresses the importance of keeping up with these changes to avoid legal trouble and maintain a safe workplace.

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Mark Hudson