March 29, 2024

Employee Benefit News – For employees, safety and well-being should be a given. But a lack of workplace violence training and mental health resources, as well as fear of speaking up, have left many feeling insecure at work.

Elissa Rossi, Vice President of Compliance Services at Traliant, says “mental health, workplace violence and harassment are intertwined” and adds that employers should do more to establish a safe workplace culture.

While industries such as healthcare, education and retail see a disproportionate level of workplace violence incidents, all businesses should make the mental health of employees a top priority to create a safer work environment. It is also important for employers to recognize potential scenarios that could lead to conflict, such as client or customer violence toward an employee, an employee’s acquaintance who comes to the workplace, or internal incidents among workers. Each requires a different response plan, and specific training to help employees feel prepared.

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Mark Hudson