March 14, 2023

In a recent report from Korn Ferry, experts looked further into what they’ve coined “The Purpose Reckoning” that has come to fruition over the past several months.  

Contributor Daniel Goleman, Senior Consultant at Goleman Consulting Group and author of the best seller Emotional Intelligence Purpose, says purpose is a “growing factor in how consumers, investors, and employees make decisions.”  

What the research says 

Based on its survey of multiple businesses and organizations, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that roughly 4 million workers, on average, quit their jobs each month in 2022. Following suit, a survey of close to 900 American workers by Zety, 75% found that “more meaningful work” is “what made the grass greener” in other positions. 

Whether companies call it sustainability, social responsibility, or stakeholder capitalism, Korn Ferry says that everyone is feeling the pressure—particularly from younger sectors of the workforce—to focus on “how they impact people and the planet.” 

With that said, the question becomes: What defines a leader when it comes to crafting the art of purposeful work? 

At Kantola, we believe that people want to be seen as individuals, each with a unique identity and set of needs that must be considered. And while we know this can come from employee experience, inclusive management, and organizational culture—Korn Ferry lays out six archetypes that represent commonalities seen across the board as “shining the brightest in their approach to doing good.” 

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Veronica Bocian