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Every employee can intervene and stop inappropriate behaviors. Bystander intervention training empowers them to do so.

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    The right training can provide people with the knowledge and tools they need to handle uncomfortable situations, protecting others and contributing to a positive work environment.

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    This training covers these topics and more:

    • Importance of bystander intervention
    • Identifying situations where intervention is appropriate or necessary — including harassment, microaggressions and bullying
    • The Four D’s of Bystander Intervention
      • Distract
      • Delayed Support
      • Direct Intervention
      • Delegate
    • Types of barriers that get in the way of intervening and how to overcome them
    • Practicing and visualizing intervening through realistic scenarios relevant to all workplaces

    Bystander Intervention Training

    The Bystander Effect

    Bystander intervention is a crucial concept emphasizing the responsibility of individuals to intervene in situations where someone is being harmed or at risk of harm. It involves stepping in to address problematic behaviors or situations, whether they be instances of harassment, discrimination, violence, or other forms of misconduct. Training in bystander intervention helps provide individuals with the knowledge, skills and confidence required to effectively intervene and support those in need, while also creating a culture of accountability and support within organizations.

    The Bystander Effect is a term social psychologists use for the tendency of individuals to feel less responsible to help or take action when they are in a group. There are many reasons why people choose not to get involved when they witness a threatening or uncomfortable situation, especially when there are others present. Some people just don’t want to get involved, or they look to others to step in, or they fear becoming a target themselves if they do or say something. In the workplace, being a passive onlooker to sexual harassment and other abusive conduct can perpetuate a toxic work environment that can negatively affect many people beyond the direct targets.

    How Training Counteracts the Bystander Effect

    Bystander intervention training can counteract the Bystander Effect. By encouraging and preparing employees to take action when they witness harassing and discriminating behavior, bystander intervention training helps remove the uncertainty of not knowing when or how to intervene, especially in uncomfortable work situations. Employees gain a deeper understanding of how bystander intervention can protect targets of discrimination and harassment, discourage harassing behavior, and help prevent future incidents.

    The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recommends all employees take Bystander Intervention training nationwide, and has said that with leadership support, bystander intervention training could be a game changer that can have a positive impact on workplace culture by creating a “sense of collective responsibility on the part of workers and empower them to be engaged bystanders in preventing harassment.”

    Additionally, several jurisdictions now mandate bystander intervention training such as the City of Chicago. This underscores the critical importance of training in creating a safe and inclusive workplace environment and empowering employees to actively contribute to a culture of respect, support and accountability.

    Why is Bystander Intervention Training Important?

    Bystander intervention training is one of the most effective ways to empower employees to address and prevent harassment and discrimination in the workplace. With the right knowledge, tools and motivation, bystanders can intervene and stop inappropriate behavior before it rises to the level of unlawful harassment.

    Training not only helps prevent incidents from escalating but fosters a safer and more inclusive work environment. It can demonstrate an organization’s unwavering commitment to upholding core values such as respect, dignity, and equality. In today’s diverse and dynamic workplaces, bystander intervention training is not just beneficial but essential for promoting a positive workplace culture.

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    Online Training

    Online Bystander Intervention Training

    Traliant’s Bystander Intervention training is a 1-hour course that explores how to be an active bystander, covers basic steps of bystander intervention, and outlines effective techniques for safely intervening. This course satisfies the City of Chicago bystander intervention training requirement.

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