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Empower your employees to enhance the inclusivity and effectiveness of their written and spoken communication.

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    Using inclusive language at work can benefit everyone, as it is instrumental in fostering respectful and effective communication among co-workers.

    This trainign covers these topics and more:

    • How to Spot Non-Inclusive Language and Replace it with Inclusive Alternatives
    • When is Gendered Language Appropriate and When is it Not
    • Use of Preferred Names and Pronouns
    • What to Do When You Make a Mistake
    • When to Reference Personal Characteristics like Race, Gender and Age
    • Resources for Checking Bias in Writing

    Inclusive Language Training

    The goal of communication is that the listener understands the meaning you are trying to convey. If listeners feel left out or offended by the words you use, they may not receive the intended message. By being aware of the way others might interpret the language we use, we can make sure that listeners feel included and our message is heard.

    Using inclusive language at work can benefit everyone, as it is instrumental in fostering respectful and effective communication among co-workers. Historically, everyday language has been subtly or not-so-subtly gendered and, as a result, has excluded large groups of people. Conversely, language that refers to personal characteristics like someone’s race, gender or age, even when they are not relevant to the topic, can leave people feeling excluded or singled out. Inclusive language training helps employees understand how to be more aware of the language we choose and how simple changes in word choice can make a big difference.

    Online Training

    Inclusive Language Course

    Traliant’s Inclusive Language training is a 15-minute course that helps employees understand how to use inclusive language and navigate workplace communication with sensitivity and respect. Through interactive exercises and real-world scenarios, participants learn to recognize and eliminate exclusionary language, fostering a culture where all voices are heard and valued.

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    Go Beyond “Check-the-Box” Training with Traliant

    It’s time to move beyond the traditional “check the box” mentality and embrace a new era of online compliance training that truly empowers your employees.

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    Traliant provides an inclusive experience for all users, including those with disabilities, by going beyond Section 508-C standards and offering WCAG 2.1 AA.

    Course Customizations

    Tailor courses to include your logo, relevant policies, workplace images, and more. Traliant can even customize the course with scenarios that take place in your own workplace environment.

    Course Administration

    Traliant makes it simple to roll out training to your workplace and provide technical support directly to your employees at no additional cost.

    Introduce respect and kindness to employee interactions, and cultivate a safe working environment based on inclusion and mutual understanding to help your organization thrive.

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