Avoiding Insider Trading Training

Avoiding Insider Trading Training

Avoiding Insider Trading TrainingInsider trading is a serious crime with serious consequences for individuals and companies. Because insider trading undermines the public confidence in the securities market, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) makes detecting and prosecuting insider trading violations a priority. Both small and large transactions can result in SEC investigations and costly lawsuits. Further, an “insider” doesn’t have to be a senior executive. There are many examples of charges and penalties against employees at all levels, friends, family members, business associates and others who make trades based on material, nonpublic information (MNPI). 

Training employees on their responsibilities to prevent insider trading is an important step in complying with insider trading laws and reducing the risk of insider trading violations.

Online Avoiding Insider Trading Training Course

Avoiding Insider Trading is a 25-minute, interactive course that provides practical information about what insider trading is and how to avoid it. Employees gain a deeper understanding of illegal trading through real-world news stories and video scenarios dramatizing the risk of sharing confidential information in social settings. Key concepts are reinforced through Viewer Mailbag questions and interactive challenges and assessments that enable employees to earn engagement points. The course is designed to include employer policy and contact information and an acknowledgment form.

Topics covered include:

  • The purpose of insider trading laws
  • What constitutes illegal trading
  • Examples of material, nonpublic information (MNPI)
  • Common insider trading terms
  • The concept of “tipping” information 
  • Complying with company policies and procedures
  • Reporting obligations
  • Penalties for violations

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Traliant is dedicated to creating interactive compliance training for a diverse, mobile workforce. Our Avoiding Insider Trading course explains the concept of illegal insider trading and what employees need to know and do to avoid the serious consequences of violating insider trading laws. 

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