Antitrust and Competition Law Training

Support your employees in navigating complex antitrust laws by equipping them with the knowledge to make the right choices and protect your business’ reputation.

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    Maneuver through situations of concern: employees will learn their responsibilities and know how to remain compliant with state and federal laws.

    This course covers these topics and more:

    • The purpose of antitrust laws
    • An overview of the Sherman Act, Federal Trade Commission Act and Clayton Act
    • Price fixing, bid rigging and market division/customer allocation
    • Antitrust risks with trade associations and professional groups
    • Wage fixing
    • Supply chain relationships
    • Monopolies and mergers
    • Fines and penalties
    • Links to resources at the FTC and DOJ

    Antitrust and competition law training is one of the proactive measures organizations can take to ensure employees have a basic understanding of the major federal antitrust laws, how they affect business activities, and how to avoid behaviors that can result in costly violations and harm to the organization’s reputation.

    Antitrust laws in the US, which include the Sherman Act, the Federal Trade Commission Act and the Clayton Act, are designed to protect competition in the marketplace. Fair competition in business can benefit consumers with lower prices, higher quality, more selection and better customer service.

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Department of Justice (DOJ) enforce these antitrust laws and set penalties and fines. In addition to complying with federal antitrust laws, businesses must also comply with state antitrust statutes that are enforced by the states’ attorney general.

    As part of an effective compliance program, providing antitrust and competition law training helps organizations manage and minimize the risk of violations, and ensure employees, at all levels, understand their responsibility to recognize antitrust red flags and report their concerns.

    Online Training

    Antitrust and Competition Law Training

    This 30-minute course teaches employees how to avoid behaviors and business practices that can lead to antitrust violations. Topics are presented in bite-sized episodes, with real-world examples and interactions that reinforce key concepts. Viewer email segments addressing common questions and red flag issues provide additional insights into what is and isn’t acceptable conduct. The course includes a certificate of completion. All of Traliant’s courses can be translated into 100+ languages and are mobile‑optimized for any device or platform.

    The Traliant difference

    We believe that compliance training is too important to be boring. That’s why we bring together an experienced team of subject matter experts, eLearning specialists and instructional designers to create interactive learning experiences that raise awareness, drive positive behavior and foster a respectful, inclusive workplace culture.

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    Managing and minimizing risk requires that all employees know how to recognize antitrust red flags and confidently report violations, creating a unified approach to upholding the integrity of your organization.

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