Workplace Diversity, Inclusion and Sensitivity in Healthcare

People with different backgrounds form powerful teams. Lead your employees in cultivating a diverse team to fuel innovation, productivity and collaboration.

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    With respect and understanding, employees can support their coworkers no matter who they are, where they are from, or what they believe in, creating a mindful and positive environment for all.

    Benefits of Online Diversity Training:

    • Diversity, Inclusion and Sensitivity
    • Embracing Diversity
    • Inclusion and Inclusive attitudes
    • Cliques
    • Mentoring
    • Workplace civility
    • Workplace sensitivity
    • Actions to take to promote respect, diversity and inclusion

    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Work in Healthcare Training

    Diversity training is increasingly important in today’s multicultural and multigenerational workplace. Recent social and racial justice movements have raised expectations for diversity training to be more effective in creating a respectful, inclusive work culture. While every organization is different, HR and training leaders recognize the need for online diversity training to provide engaging learning experiences that support organizations’ diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategy and goals.

    A strong culture of diversity and inclusion benefits everyone and can result in more innovation, higher employee engagement and retention, improved decision making, and enhanced brand reputation. Conversely, a lack of diversity and inclusion in the workplace can result in negative consequences across an organization — from increasing the risk of discrimination and harassment to being a barrier to attracting and retaining top talent.

    Organizations that make DEI a priority understand that diversity training isn’t a one-time event. It should be part of an ongoing program to improve DEI, aligned with the organization’s priorities and values and woven into policies, practices, processes and operations.

    Behavior-based diversity training goes beyond simply raising awareness. It focuses on what it means to think and act inclusively — whether individuals are interacting in-person, online or on the phone. Behavior-based training should challenge learners with realistic scenarios, videos and interactive exercises that explore assumptions and stereotypes about people and groups. Diversity and inclusion goes beyond race and gender. It encompasses abilities, age, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, veteran status, diversity of thought and other characteristics.

    As part of a long-term approach to increasing DEI, online diversity training helps organizations foster a more welcoming, inclusive workplace by increasing employees’ awareness and understanding of the issues shaping workplace culture and providing practical strategies and tactics for being more inclusive in day-to-day interactions and decisions.

    What is Diversity Training?

    Effective diversity training raises employee awareness of the importance of working together with people from different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs. Employees learn how to recognize and manage behaviors that can undermine individuals and teams, along with positive actions that, together with management’s commitment and the right policies, can create a culture in which everyone has opportunities to thrive and participate in the organization’s operations and leadership.

    Benefits of Online Diversity Training

    Implementing an interactive, online training program for employees and managers is one of the key components of improving workplace culture, motivating inclusive behaviors and increasing employee engagement. Diversity and inclusion training provides a flexible learning and communication tool that explains and reinforces an organization’s DEI goals and behavior expectations.

    Online interactive diversity training should be relevant to the workforce and updated regularly to reflect changes that are happening inside and outside of today’s evolving work environment.

    Online Training

    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Work in Healthcare

    o This 35-minute course explains core D&I concepts and provides practical steps to help individuals choose inclusive actions, improve cultural competency, and address unconscious bias. The course further emphasizes the role civility and workplace sensitivity play in promoting a respectful culture.

    The Traliant difference

    Our modern, interactive approach to online compliance training combines up-to-date content and eLearning strategies and technology to raise awareness, motivate positive behavior and foster respectful, inclusive workplaces. Traliant courses are mobile-optimized for access on any device and can be customized to reflect your organization’s industry, policies, culture and branding.

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    Successful teams flourish through diversity and building a community of allies through compassion creates a supportive and successful work environment founded on equality.

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    There is nothing more inclusive than providing an easy, consistent, and accessible experience for all of your employees. Traliant provides Section 508-Compliant training that detects and adapts to the individual learner. Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Work course is designed to accommodate a range of auditory, visual, intellectual, and kinesthetic abilities.

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