Managing Difficult Employees

Guiding your managers on how to handle inappropriate or disruptive behaviors gives them the tools to handle incidents whenever and wherever they happen, and inspires them to protect the well-being of their teams.

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    Create a safer workplace and a team that works together seamlessly: entrust your managers with the insights and actions that help them handle disruption and cultivate a better culture.

    The course covers:

    • How to identify and address problem behaviors
    • How to conduct professional, constructive conversations with employees
    • The importance of documentation and following policies and procedures
    • Working with the employee on an action plan
    • Administering fair and consistent discipline
    • Minimizing the risk of complaints of discrimination, retaliation and/or wrongful termination

    Managing Difficult Employees Training

    Organizations are able to operate at their highest levels when they have a culture where everyone treats each other with civility and respect. However, even in the best-run organizations, employees sometimes engage in inappropriate and disruptive behaviors.

    Training managers on how to properly handle these “difficult” employees can help prevent negative consequences that can affect other employees and the overall organization, including lower job satisfaction, higher employee turnover and reduced productivity.

    Whether incidents arise when employees are working remotely or in the physical workplace, training is an essential step in preparing managers to address behavior problems promptly and reduce the potential risks associated with disruptive behaviors, including workplace violence.

    Online Training

    Managing Difficult Employees

    This 20-minute interactive course provides managers with insights and practical steps on how to handle difficult employees and disruptive behaviors. Realistic examples of different types of behaviors and situations, along with challenge questions and interactions, strengthen engagement and boost learning.

    The Traliant difference

    Traliant creates modern, interactive training courses to help organizations meet the challenges of today’s workplace. We bring together an experienced team of subject matter experts, eLearning specialists, instructional designers and video producers to create interactive learning experiences that raise awareness, drive positive behavior and help foster a respectful, inclusive workplace.

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    The right tools and the courage to use them: with both of these in hand, managers are empowered to handle uncomfortable situations, reassure their teams, and reaffirm your company’s values and commitment to a positive workplace.

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