Bloodborne Pathogens

Know what to do if an accident happens and take the right steps before it happens. When employees are prepared to handle blood exposure, they make better decisions to enhance safety.

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    Better everyday decisions

    With the right knowledge of the risks involved and the confidence to act, your employees can navigate unforeseen scenarios involving blood exposure even if they are used to working in a blood-free environment.

    Bloodborne Pathogens training covers the following topics:

    • Understanding the risks
    • Background on HBV, HCV, and HIV
    • How transmission occurs
    • Contaminated sharps
    • Preventing exposures
    • Universal precautions
    • Personal protective equipment
    • Accident cleanup
    • Exposures
    • Responding to an exposure
    • Disposing of waste

    Who is This Bloodborne Pathogens Training For?

    This course is not medical training but is designed to educate individuals who may accidentally be exposed to bloodborne pathogens.


    While bloodborne pathogens are a critical concern for those who are regularly exposed to blood at their jobs, people in other jobs can be exposed, too.


    Accidents happen, and people in seemingly blood-free jobs do find themselves unexpectedly administering first aid, cleaning up after an accident, or getting injured by a sharp object.

    For these situations, employees who don’t typically have occupational exposure to blood will benefit from this custom compliance training designed specifically for them.

    Online Training

    Bloodborne Pathogens

    This 20- minute training course introduces learners to basic safety precautions related to bloodborne pathogens. The course is designed to raise awareness in non-medical workers who could be exposed to blood during work activities and need basic training on how to keep themselves and others safe. It uses straightforward, non-technical language to help learners understand workplace risks, prevent exposures, and respond appropriately in the event of a problem.

    Accidents happen, but through confidence and clarity, employees can implement the right techniques to ensure everyone’s health and safety.

    The Traliant difference

    We’re not boring! With Traliant, you get a course designed to do more than just educate. We integrate:

    • Short, bite-sized episodes to keep the course interesting
    • Gamification which motivates users to perform well
    • Real-life scenarios that learners find relatable

    Together these features create a course that communicates vital information while engaging your employees.

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