Cultural Competence Training

Cultural Competence Training

Cultural competence is the ability to understand and interact effectively with people from different cultures, backgrounds and experiences. Recognizing one’s own cultural beliefs, values and biases is also part of developing cultural competence. 

As organizations become more diverse, cultural competence is taking on new relevance. And in some states cultural competence training is required for licensed healthcare professionals. Organizations that foster cultural competence can benefit from better teamwork and collaboration, more effective problem solving, higher employee engagement and customer satisfaction, among other positive outcomes. And culturally-aware individuals are more likely to recognize and address biases (conscious and unconscious) and microaggressions — barriers to diversity and inclusion that can lead to discrimination.

As part of an organization’s efforts to create a more inclusive and welcoming workplace, cultural competence training helps move the needle. Everyone can benefit from greater awareness and empathy for the experiences and cultures of coworkers, customers and others they engage with, inside and outside of the workplace.

This course is part of our Building a Culture of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Suite that includes:

All courses are available in a Healthcare version.

Online Training: Cultural Competence

This 20-minute course explores the concepts and benefits of cultural competence, providing practical knowledge, insights and inspiration. A video host guides learners through the course, which features real-world examples, eLearning interactions, viewer tweets and email questions.

Topics covered include:

  • What is Culture
  • Culture’s Influence
  • What is Cultural Competence
  • Business Benefits of Cultural Competence
  • Practices and Behaviors that Help Increase Your Cultural Competence
  • Work Disconnects: Time, Personal Space, Physical Contact, Social Roles, Communication and Authority
There is nothing more inclusive than providing an easy, consistent, and accessible experience for all of your employees. Traliant provides Section 508-Compliant training that detects and adapts to the individual learner. Our Cultural Competence course is designed to accommodate a range of auditory, visual, intellectual, and kinesthetic abilities.

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