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An effective Diversity, Equity & Inclusion training program requires more than just rolling out one course, once a year. As a comprehensive approach to behavior-based training our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training Suite is built to inspire positive change within your organization through training on key concepts and inclusive actions. Watch this 90 second Diversity Video to see how our interactive DEI training engages employees. 

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The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Suite includes Diversity, Inclusion & Sensitivity; Unconscious Bias; Microaggressions in the Workplace and Cultural Competency.

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    The Traliant Difference

    We believe that raising awareness of diversity, equity, inclusion, unconscious bias, microaggressions and cultural competency and humility is an important step in preventing discrimination and harassment and creating a culture that treats everyone with respect and fairness. Any of the courses in our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Suite can be customized with your brand, policies and leadership message to reflect your values and culture.

    The DEI Training Suite Includes these Courses:

    Diversity, Inclusion & Sensitivity

    Diversity, Inclusion & Sensitivity explains workplace diversity and provides practical steps to help individuals choose inclusive actions, improve cultural competency and address personal biases. The course further emphasizes the role civility and workplace sensitivity play in promoting a respectful culture.

    Unconscious Bias

    Unconscious Bias covers many of the most common types of bias, with examples, strategies and practices to help employees and managers reduce the influence of bias on workplace decisions and actions.

    Microaggressions in the Workplace

    Microaggressions in the Workplace describes what microaggressions are and the negative effects they have on others, and instructs on how to respond to microaggressions when overhead at work.

    Cultural Competency & Humility

    Cultural Competency & Humility provides employees and managers with greater awareness and empathy for the experiences and cultures of coworkers, customers and others they engage with, inside and outside of the workplace.

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