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Diversity, inclusion and sensitivity training can reduce workplace harassment

Diversity Training

Diversity Training Online

Diversity training is becoming increasingly important in the modern workplace. Besides the benefits of a diverse workforce on recruiting, hiring, retention, customer loyalty and the bottom line, promoting diversity and inclusion can help reduce incidents of harassment in the workplace. A lack of diversity and inclusion is one of the top risk factors for workplace harassment, according to a report by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s task force on workplace harassment. Diversity training offers organizations a new way to enhance anti-harassment and discrimination programs and policies, and reinforce the message that respect, diversity and inclusion is a priority.

What is Diversity Training?

Diversity training is an opportunity to educate employees on the importance of working together with people from different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs. It is also an effective tool for raising awareness of cliques, unconscious bias and other inappropriate behavior that can negatively impact individuals, team-building and workplace culture.

Diversity and Inclusion - online trainingBy providing employees with the knowledge and skills to increase their “cultural competency” the ability to interact effectively with people of different backgrounds and cultures diversity training helps create an inclusive environment, where employees who may feel left out or marginalized have opportunities to thrive and participate in the organization’s operations and leadership.

Online Diversity Training Course

Workplace Diversity, Inclusion & Sensitivity is a 25-minute, standalone course that raises awareness of the many benefits of an inclusive culture and provides employees with practical steps for recognizing their own personal biases, increasing their cultural competency and setting a positive example for treating everyone with respect.

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Traliant’s Diversity Training course covers:

    • Diversity
    • Inclusion
    • Respect
    • Unconscious bias
    • Cultural competency
    • Civility
    • Sensitivity
    • Mentoring relationships
    • Behavior that leads to a more positive work environment

Employees and Managers learn:

      • How a diverse and inclusive workplace benefits everyone
      • How to apply the concepts of diversity and inclusion in their daily interactions
      • How to increase awareness of unconscious bias and avoid its negative influence on recruiting, hiring and other business decisions
      • How civility, cultural competency and sensitivity can help prevent workplace misconduct
      • How positive attitudes and behaviors can lead to a more inclusive environment

The topic of diversity and inclusion is also covered in Traliant’s industry-leading Preventing Discrimination and Harassment training course. This foundational course includes sexual harassment, discrimination, bystander intervention, diversity and inclusion and unconscious bias.  

The Traliant Difference

We believe that raising awareness of diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias is an important step in preventing discrimination and harassment and creating a positive culture that treats everyone with respect and fairness. Our Workplace Diversity, Inclusion & Sensitivity training is designed to engage learners with bite-sized episodes, interactive videos with alternate endings and assessments and quizzes that connect with today’s diverse, mobile workforce.

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