Psychological Safety at Work Training

Creating a workplace where employees can be their authentic selves

Psychological Safety at Work

Psychological safety training is about creating an environment where people feel comfortable being genuine and honest about who they are. With more people working remotely or in a hybrid work model, ensuring their psychological safety helps team members adapt to new ways of working. It also builds trust and transparency, improves health and well-being, employee engagement, retention, productivity and innovation. And there is a correlation between providing psychological safety and preventing employee burnout.

With managers and senior leaders setting the example, fostering psychological safety across the organization removes barriers to employees feeling supported and empowered to take risks, contribute ideas and express themselves without facing negative consequences. In a psychologically safe environment, employees don’t fear being threatened or punished for speaking up, owning up to a mistake, voicing a dissenting opinion and asking for feedback and help.

Training employees and managers on psychological safety in the workplace and what it means in their day-to-day activities reinforces the organization’s commitment to a culture of trust, respect and inclusion.

Online Training: Psychological Safety at Work

This 20-minute eLearning course explores the benefits of creating a psychologically safe workplace in which individuals can be their authentic selves.  A video host guides learners through interactive challenges and common questions and situations involving different aspects of psychological safety.

Psychological Safety at Work covers these topics and more:

  • What is psychological safety?
  • Supportive behaviors
  • Inclusion and psychological safety
  • Active listening
  • The connection between psychological safety and preventing burnout
  • Managers’ role in creating a positive team climate
There is nothing more inclusive than providing an easy, consistent, and accessible experience for all of your employees. Traliant provides Section 508-Compliant training that detects and adapts to the individual learner. Our Psychological Safety at Work course is designed to accommodate a range of auditory, visual, intellectual, and kinesthetic abilities.

The Traliant Difference

Our modern, interactive approach to online compliance training combines up-to-date content and eLearning strategies and technology to raise awareness, motivate positive behavior and foster respectful, inclusive workplaces. Traliant courses are mobile-optimized for access on any device and can be customized to reflect your organization’s industry, policies, culture and branding. 

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