FAR Code of Conduct

Addressing Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) requirements with federal contractors and subcontractors helps promote integrity, regulatory clarity, and consistency.

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    Help contractors and subcontractors stay FAR compliant and provide guidance on how to recognize and respond to challenging situations that can harm your organization's reputation.

    FAR Code of Conduct provides an overview of key laws, regulations, policies and other ethical and compliance topics including:

    • Anti-Bribery
    • Hiring Government Employees
    • Conflicts of Interest
    • Gifts and Entertainment
    • Government Audits
    • Communications with Government Customers
    • Pricing Mandates
    • Government Supply Contracts
    • Procurement Rules
    • Third Party Due Diligence
    • Recordkeeping
    • Improper Payments
    • Lobbying Restrictions
    • Violations

    FAR Code of Conduct Training

    The Federal Acquisition Regulation or FAR is a set of rules to ensure that contractors and subcontractors who do business with the federal government comply with standards for honest and ethical conduct. FAR is designed to address waste, fraud and abuse, enhance the integrity of the procurement system, and promote regulatory clarity and consistency.


    FAR Code of Conduct training is an important step in helping contractors and subcontractors stay FAR compliant and meet the requirement to adopt a code of business ethics and conduct, implement internal controls and encourage individuals to report misconduct.

    Online Training

    FAR Code of Conduct

    This 30-minute FAR Code of Conduct training is tailored for federal contractors and subcontractors who must comply with Federal Acquisition Regulation rules. Learners gain insights into how ethical behavior relates to laws and regulations and the importance of raising questions when facing challenging or gray-area situations.

    Topics are presented in a news show format, featuring interactive videos, news stories, Viewer Mailbag and Twitter Q&A, and interactions and quizzes which reward points for accurate answers.  The course includes an acknowledgment form and link to the organization’s Code of Conduct policy.

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    Traliant is dedicated to creating interactive training on essential compliance and workplace topics that help organizations build a respectful, inclusive culture.

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    Training federal contractors and subcontractors on FAR regulations helps promote integrity and ethical business practices while reducing your organization’s compliance risks.

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