Canadian Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Sexual harassment and discrimination are pervasive problems that impact employee wellbeing and performance. Train your employees on the appropriate behavior to ensure a safe environment for all individuals in your organization.

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    Traliant’s award-winning sexual harassment prevention training provides your employees and managers with effective, interactive learning to build the skills and behaviors to safely confront sexual harassers and foster an inclusive and respectful work culture.

    Canadian Sexual Harassment Prevention Training covers these topics and more:

    • Workplace Civility, Harassment and Protected Grounds of Discrimination
    • Sexual Advances and Workplace Dating
    • Poisoned Work Environment
    • Bystander Intervention
    • Reporting and Reprisal
    • Consequences
    • Policy Review
    • Supervisors’ Duties
    • Workplace Violence

    Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Canada

    Sexual harassment prevention training has become a high priority for HR practitioners and their companies. Amplified by the #MeToo movement, there is a growing demand to replace the traditional model of workplace harassment prevention training, which focused on teaching employees laws and rules, with a fresh approach that emphasizes what matters most – ensuring employees know how to make the right decisions and take the right actions if they experience or witness sexual harassment or other misconduct. As never before, workplace harassment prevention training is essential for educating employers and employees on what is acceptable and unacceptable workplace behavior. Effective training should send a clear message that it’s every individual’s responsibility to speak up and report incidents of harassment and retaliation.

    Training employees on how to recognize and respond to situations that can lead to sexual harassment – from the obvious to the subtle – is one of the most effective ways to foster a positive, respectful company culture. This approach equips employees with the knowledge and tools they need to identify potential issues and intervene appropriately, ultimately contributing to a workplace environment that values respect, diversity, and inclusivity.

    Moreover, effective training goes beyond covering anti-discrimination and anti-harassment laws. It plays a crucial role in enabling employees to grasp the full spectrum of harassment, encompassing workplace harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. Furthermore, it can help clarify the boundaries of workplace harassment, ensuring employees are less inclined to file complaints for behavior that does not genuinely qualify as harassment. Thus, Workplace Harassment Prevention Training can help employers avoid costly employee harassment complaints and legal risks associated with workplace harassment that can damage an organization’s reputation, recruiting and retention, and bottom line.

    Online Training

    Canadian Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

    Traliant’s Preventing Workplace Harassment – Canada Edition training is a 45-minute course designed to help employees and managers recognize and prevent incidents of harassment, emphasizing the importance of respectful behavior expected by organizations worldwide. Consistent with both federal and provincial/territorial laws and guidelines, Traliant’s training covers not just sexual harassment, but all forms of workplace harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. Additionally, the training covers Workplace Violence Prevention, which is required in some Canadian jurisdictions.

    Traliant also offers specialized versions for Australia, UK, Global and the US, aligning with relevant regional laws and regulations. For businesses with high turnover rates, a shortened 20-minute Essentials version is also offered, providing essential training in a condensed format.

    Compliant across Canada

    Learning Design

    Traliant’s training fulfills the sexual harassment prevention and workplace violence prevention training requirements of all federal, provincial, and territorial laws and guidelines across Canada.

    Compliance Expertise

    Required Legal Expertise for Training

    In the U.S., state laws and court decisions from around the country require employers to ensure their training is developed and delivered by legal experts. For example, California’s mandatory sexual harassment training laws (SB 1343, SB 396, and AB 1825) specifically require that training providers must have “expertise in the prevention of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.” Moreover, workplace training providers must also have expertise in the prevention of “harassment based on gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.” The trainer provider must be an attorney, professor, instructor, human resource professional or harassment prevention consultant with at least two years of expertise in employment law or harassment prevention.

    Traliant’s in-house legal expertise ensures our training courses are legally accurate and up-to-date with changes in the law. Traliant’s Chief Strategy Officer, Michael Johnson, is one of the leading experts in harassment law in the country. A former U.S. Department of Justice attorney and a graduate of Harvard Law School, Mr. Johnson brought one of the DOJ’s first class-action style sexual harassment lawsuits. He has provided training and consulting to organizations such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Google, the United Nations, and the World Bank. Michael leads our Compliance Advisory Team, whose members have decades of experience practicing employment law for large law firms and Fortune 500 companies.

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