Speaking for the Company

Prepare your employees to communicate responsibly, online and offline, inside and outside of the workplace.

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    When employees understand who in the organization can speak on behalf of the company there is less risk of disclosing confidential information and violating the organization’s code of conduct.

    The Speaking for the Company course covers:

    • Authorized spokespersons 
    • Protecting confidential and private information
    • Dos and don’ts when posting  
    • Positive and negative effects of social media  
    • Suspicious emails and calls 
    • Internal communications 

    Speaking for the Company Training

    Educating employees on the rules for speaking on behalf of the company and what information they can and cannot share reinforces the organization’s social media, code of conduct and other policies and raises awareness of how communications can impact co-workers, customers, business partners and the company’s reputation.

    Online Training

    Speaking for the Company

    Speaking for the Company is a 15-minute interactive course that provides employees with best practices for internal communications, social media use and responding to requests for information from outside of the organization. Interactive exercises check learners’ understanding of what is and is not appropriate to post, and viewer emails and tweets address common questions.  

    The Traliant difference

    In today’s multimedia landscape that’s dominated by rapid-fire content, viewer control, and instant gratification, it’s more challenging than ever to capture and maintain people’s attention. That’s why our course is modeled after the Netflix and CNN viewing experience rather than your typical boring compliance training. Viewers love it too: in post-course surveys, our training has been rated an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars by the users themselves.

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    Reduce the risk of mishaps by guiding employees on how to carefully communicate information regarding your organization.

    Help your employees make the right decisions, at the right moments

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