Infectious Disease Control

Understanding infectious disease control procedures and strategies can curb the transmission of infectious diseases in the workplace.

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    When employees are aware of the potential exposure risks to infectious diseases in their workplace, they can take the necessary measures to protect themselves and others.

    This course covers these topics and more:

    • Types of infectious and communicable diseases
    • How infectious diseases are spread
    • Infection control basics
    • Infection prevention principles
    • Sharps safety and safe injection practices
    • Strategies for staying safe
    • OSHA standards and directives

    Benefits of Infectious Disease Control Training

    In various industries, including healthcare, hospitality, food service and many others, employees often face higher exposure risks to infectious diseases. It is crucial for employers across all sectors to prioritize the safety and well-being of their workforce. By ensuring employees receive comprehensive training on infection control measures, proper hygiene practices, personal protective equipment (PPE) usage, and other highly effective strategies to mitigate transmission, employers can help minimize the spread of diseases in the workplace and create a safer environment for their employees.

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA’s) General Duty Clause (Section 5(a)(1) of the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Act) requires employers to provide a safe and healthy workplace free from recognized hazards, which includes protecting workers from infectious diseases. To comply with the General Duty Clause and effectively address the risks associated with infectious diseases, employers may need to implement various measures, including tailored training programs, based on specific hazards and industry guidelines. Two of the relevant OSHA standards requiring training are those for PPE and Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP). By taking proactive steps, employers can meet their legal obligations and ensure the well-being of their employees in the face of infectious disease risks.

    Online Training

    Infectious Disease Control Training

    Traliant’s Infectious Disease Control training is a 20-minute course designed to provide learners with a fundamental understanding of infectious disease control measures. In this course, learners will understand key principles and strategies to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in various settings.

    This course aligns with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) general industry programs and focuses on sources of infectious agent exposure and appropriate precautions for preventing infections.

    The Traliant difference

    Our modern, interactive approach to online compliance training combines up-to-date content and eLearning strategies and technology to raise awareness, motivate positive behavior and foster respectful, inclusive workplaces. Traliant courses are mobile-optimized for access on any device and can be customized to reflect your organization’s industry, policies, culture and branding.

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    Equipping employees with the knowledge of infectious disease procedures such as hand hygiene, cleaning protocols, and safe work practices can significantly prevent the spread of infectious diseases in the workplace and cultivate a safe working environment.

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