Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Training for Employees & Businesses

Personal protective equipment training gives workers confidence knowing they are protected from physical harm while performing their duties.

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    By wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), workers are aware of the potential hazards in their work environment and can take extra precautions, such as choosing a different tool or equipment, to safely perform a task or job.

    Personal Protective Equipment covers these topics and more:

    • Why PPE is important
    • Types of head, ear and eye protection
    • Respiratory PPE, Protective Clothing, and PPE for hands and feet
    • The different hazards PPE is designed to protect workers from
    • PPE training requirements

    What Is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

    Personal protective equipment (PPE) keeps workers safe who may be exposed to physical, chemical, biological or radiological hazards in their job. By providing PPE training, workers can better understand the importance of using PPE properly and the potential hazards they face if they don’t use it.

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to provide PPE training to employees who must use PPE and come into contact with physical, chemical, biological or radiological hazards.

    Training workers on the proper use of PPE can help improve the safety and well-being of workers, avoid costly worker compensation claims and help businesses comply with regulatory requirements.

    Online Training

    Importance of PPE

    Traliant’s Personal Protective Equipment training is a 30-minute course explaining what PPE is and how it can keep them safe. Workers learn best practices related to PPE and review the common forms of PPE for the eyes, ears, head, hands, feet, respiratory systems and full body.

    Traliant’s PPE course, when used in conjunction with an employer’s hazard assessment and hands-on demonstration of the proper donning and doffing of the PPE needed per the hazard assessment, meets federal standards and helps employers maintain a safe work environment.

    The Traliant difference

    Our modern, interactive approach to online compliance training combines up-to-date content and eLearning strategies and technology to raise awareness, motivate positive behavior and foster respectful, inclusive workplaces. Traliant courses are mobile-optimized for access on any device and can be customized to reflect your organization’s industry, policies, culture and branding.

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    When employees wear PPE, they are taking responsibility for their own safety and being more accountable for their decisions and actions to actively create a culture of safety.

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