Preventing Discrimination and Harassment - Manufacturing & Industrial

Harassment and discrimination are prevalent issues in the manufacturing industry that can affect an employee's performance, health, and safety. Train your employees on the appropriate behavior to ensure a safe environment for all individuals in your organization.

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    Building a work culture of respect, diversity, and inclusion helps support a workplace free of harassment and discrimination and protects your organization.

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    The course covers these topics and more:

    • Different types of harassment and discrimination
    • Sexual harassment
    • Examples of unacceptable and acceptable behaviors
    • Bystander intervention techniques
    • Consensual relationships
    • Cultural competency
    • Retaliation
    • Workplace bullying
    • Social media communications
    • Reasonable accommodations
    • Role of managers and supervisors
    • Responding to complaints

    Preventing Discrimination and Harassment Training - Manufacturing & Industrial Edition

    HR professionals in the manufacturing and industrial sectors face a wide range of challenges — from navigating a changing business environment and evolving health and safety regulations, to retaining skilled employees and creating a workplace free of harassment and discrimination.

    To help meet these challenges, a modern compliance training program tailored to the manufacturing and industrial environment is an important step in teaching and reinforcing positive behaviors, and building a work culture of respect, diversity and inclusion.

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    Preventing Discrimination and Harassment - Manufacturing & Industrial

    This edition of Traliant’s award-winning Preventing Discrimination and Harassment training is tailored for employees working in manufacturing and industrial environments. Through bite-sized episodes, realistic video scenarios and a variety of eLearning interactions and assessments, employees gain a deeper understanding of Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Bystander Intervention, Diversity and Inclusion and other essential workplace topics. The training is available in separate versions for employees and managers and includes a certificate of completion.

    All Traliant courses are available in multiple languages and can be easily customized with an organization’s branding, policies and video message.

    This course is available in the following editions

    *Also available: Bystander Intervention: Chicago Edition (60 min). This course is designed to meet Chicago’s additional bystander intervention training requirement.

    Industry editions






    Industrial and Manufacturing



    State editions

    Employee Manager
    General 40 min 55 min
    California 60 min 120 min
    Connecticut 120 min 120 min
    Delaware 45 min 55 min
    Illinois 45 min 60 min
    Chicago* 60 min 120 min
    Maine 45 min 55 min
    New York 50 min 60 min

    Introduce respect and kindness into employee interactions and cultivate a safe working environment based on inclusion and mutual understanding to help your organization thrive.

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    The hallmark of our training is its modern, interactive design and content that focuses on raising awareness, encouraging positive behaviors, and fostering a safe, respectful, inclusive workplace culture.

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