Drugs & Alcohol in the Workplace Training

Substance misuse training for employees

Drugs & Alcohol in the Workplace Training

drugs & alcohol in the workplace trainingDrug and alcohol use and misuse in the workplace pose many potential risks for organizations and their employees, managers and others who interact with the company and its workforce.

The problems of substance abuse cross all industries and environments. It impacts workplace safety, productivity and quality and increases the risk of harassing behaviors and other misconduct that can damage an organization’s reputation and workplace culture. 

Substance misuse training for employees reinforces an organization’s efforts to raise awareness and destigmatize substance use disorders and sends a strong message that maintaining a safe, drug free workplace is everyone’s responsibility.  

Online Training: Drugs & Alcohol in the Workplace

online drugs & alcohol trainingThis 25-minute interactive training course provides a basic understanding of what substance misuse is and the workplace safety issues associated with both legal and illegal substances. Employees learn the warning signs of a substance misuse problem and constructive ways to respond. Real-world examples and eLearning interactions reinforce key concepts and terminology and address common questions. 

The course covers these topics and more:

  • What is substance misuse?
  • Effects of drugs and alcohol on the body and brain
  • Safety and other risks associated with drugs and alcohol in the workplace
  • Red flags for substance misuse problems
  • Testing policies and consequences of violations
  • Confidentiality of records
  • Resources and programs 

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