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Online Discrimination and Harassment Training for the Hospitality Industry

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preventing discrimination and harassment hospitality edition

When working in the hospitality industry, employees face unique challenges due to the nature of the business. They are continually serving clients in collaboration with other team members which results in a high level of interaction. Being that human interactions are unpredictable, employees need to be prepared for a wide range of situations; including the possibility of discrimination or harassment from a co-worker or guest.  

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Traliant’s Hospitality Compliance Training

Our custom compliance training on Preventing Discrimination and Harassment in the Hospitality Industry will teach employees all they need to know; from the laws to various topics like consensual relationships, protected categories, workplace bullying, and much more. They will learn how to ensure their own actions are not in any way considered discriminating or harassing, and what to do if they are the victim of this type of behavior.

The result is a better functioning hospitality business in which employees treat each other with respect, and know how to respond if someone does cross the line.

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Why Choose Traliant?

Traliant takes a unique approach to hospitality compliance training, and all of our trainings, that goes beyond just ensuring you are compliant. We know these types of trainings have a reputation for being boring and irrelevant, which is precisely why we decided to do something different!

In our courses, your employees will view bite-sized episodes which break up the lessons into easily digestible chunks. We use a news-style theme that engages the audience and creates a sense of familiarity. Further, gamification elements motivate learners to pay attention by rewarding correct answers with points. And perhaps, most importantly, relevant scenarios will help employees understand how the laws apply to day-to-day work life in restaurants, hotels, and resorts.

Go beyond just meeting regulations, choose a highly-impactful training that will truly make for a better workplace environment.

With this course your business will: 
Be compliant with discrimination and harassment training regulations (EEOC, FEHA, ADEA, CA AB 1825, CA AB 2053, and more)
Help to reduce discrimination and harassment in your establishment
Receive a custom course tailored to your industry
Easily track course completions from a mobile-friendly LMS
Be able to roll out training to staff spread across many locations
Receive off-the-shelf pricing
Have happier employees; our courses do more than just inform, they engage learners

Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Training Course Versions

Our Preventing Discrimination and Harassment course is available in the following versions:

  • Languages:  English and Spanish
  • Work Environments:  Office, Hospitality, Industrial/Manufacturing, Municipal
  • Roles:  Manager and Employee
  • Formats:  Online, DVD, and Instructor-Led Classroom (see checklist)
  • State-Required Training:  California (AB 1825AB 2053), Connecticut (CHRO Act)

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