Playing by the Rules

Code of Conduct Training

Playing by the Rules

Series Overview

Description: This section explains some of the relevant laws and regulations that govern workplace behavior. Employees learn how to spot potential violations of antitrust, insider trading and anti-money laundering laws and experience the consequences of making unethical or illegal choices.

Series Duration:  30 minutes

Series Intro: Enjoy this sample clip from the course.

Episode 1:  Antitrust

This segment explores the types of anti-competitive activities that may violate antitrust laws, including bid rigging, price fixing, market division, monopolistic practices, group boycotts and exclusive dealing.  An interactive video depicts a sales person facing an important decision, and learners must decide which path she takes.

Episode 2:  Fair Dealing Expectations

This segment helps employees understand their responsibility to act honestly in all business transactions. Includes a discussion and examples of  what good faith and fair dealing mean in the workplace.

Episode 3:  Anti-Money Laundering

This segment covers the financial crime of money laundering, a serious global problem and a federal crime. Topics include how to identify money laundering, what employees should do if they suspect money laundering activity, the importance of Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures and a summary of key anti-money laundering (AML) laws.

Episode 4:  Record Keeping

This segment covers the duties of individuals and organizations to maintain accurate and complete records, and explains the legal and ethical consequences of falsifying or destroying records.


Episode 5:  International Trade Laws

This segment highlights what employees need to know if they are doing business with entities outside the US and provides examples of the US export control laws that apply.

Episode 6:  Insider Trading

This segment examines behaviors and attitudes that lead to illegal insider trading. Topics include how to avoid insider trading and how to handle material non-public information (MNPI) and corporate information released to the public.

Episode 7:  Third-Party Due Diligence

This segment explains the third-party due diligence process and its importance in reducing potential risks from business relationships with partners, suppliers, vendors, distributors and others.


Episode 8:  Environmental Stewardship

This segment describes an organization’s commitment to follow environmental laws, prevent waste and conserve resources, and discusses what employees can do to act as responsible stewards of the environment and adhere to healthy and safe practices.

Course Overview

Traliant’s Code of Conduct training covers a wide array of ethics and compliance topics, allowing you to choose the content most relevant to your organization. Our in-house instructional design and eLearning experts built the course using the latest technology and techniques, such as bite-sized episodes that are loaded with interactive elements and a gamified point system that promotes active learning and knowledge retention.

Our modular platform is ideal for organizations looking for a dynamic Code of Conduct training program that is cost-effective and easy to customize, roll out and manage. If you’re ready to be proud of your organization’s Code of Conduct training, talk to us today!

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