Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual harassment and discrimination are pervasive problems that impact employee wellbeing and can lead to legal liability and reputational damage for employers. Provide your employees with legally-accurate and up-to-date training to stay compliant with training requirements and recommendations in the U.S. and abroad.

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    Traliant’s award-winning Sexual Harassment training helps your employees and managers recognize, report, and prevent harassment through effective, engaging and interactive scenarios and learning games.

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    Sexual Harassment Training covers these topics and more:

    • What is harassment and what isn’t
    • Hostile work environment
    • Quid pro quo
    • Bullying or abusive conduct
    • How to report potential harassment
    • Identifying, understanding and preventing retaliation
    • Bystander intervention
    • Supervisors’ duties
    • Harassment in the context of remote or hybrid workplaces
    • Social media use and harassment
    • Workplace discrimination
    • Consequences of workplace discrimination and harassment
    • Consensual relationships at work


    Sexual harassment prevention training has become a high priority for HR practitioners and their companies. Amplified by the #MeToo movement, there is a growing demand to replace the traditional model of workplace harassment prevention training, which focused on educating employees on laws and rules, with a fresh approach that emphasizes what matters most – ensuring employees know how to make the right decisions and take the right actions if they experience or witness sexual harassment or other misconduct. As never before, workplace harassment prevention training is essential for educating employers and employees on what is acceptable and unacceptable workplace behavior. An effective sexual harassment training program should send a clear message that it’s every individual’s responsibility to speak up and report incidents of harassment and retaliation.

    Training employees on how to recognize and respond to situations that can lead to sexual harassment – from the obvious to the subtle – is one of the most effective ways to foster a positive, respectful company culture, facilitate healthy conflict resolution, and reduce the risk of unlawful sexual harassment. A comprehensive sexual harassment training course equips employees with the knowledge and tools they need to identify potential issues and intervene appropriately, ultimately contributing to a workplace environment that values respect, diversity, and inclusivity.

    Moreover, effective training goes beyond covering anti-discrimination and anti-harassment laws. It plays a crucial role in enabling employees to grasp the full spectrum of harassment, encompassing workplace harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. By providing training that helps workers recognize sexual harassment in all its forms, an employer equips their teams with the critical awareness needed to thrive in an office environment. Furthermore, it can help clarify the boundaries of workplace harassment, ensuring employees are less inclined to file complaints for behavior that does not genuinely qualify as harassment. Thus, Workplace Harassment Prevention Training can help employers avoid costly employee harassment complaints and legal risks associated with workplace harassment that can damage an organization’s reputation, recruiting and retention, and bottom line.

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    Online Training

    Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

    Traliant’s Preventing Workplace Harassment training helps learners recognize and prevent incidents of harassment. Consistent with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidelines and court decisions, Traliant’s training covers not just sexual harassment, but all forms of workplace harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. Additionally, training meets all state and local training requirements, such as California SB 396, which mandates the inclusion of topics related to gender identity and expression and California AB 2053 and SB 1343, which requires topics such as workplace civility, bullying and bystander intervention.

    Course Versions

    Multi-state employers can now comply with state and local harassment training laws in all 50 states, including regulations for CA, CT, DE, IL, ME, NY, NYC, WA, and Chicago, with just three course versions:

    • Advanced: This 2-hour sexual harassment training course should be used by California supervisors, supervisors in the City of Chicago (and supervisors outside of Chicago that supervise employees in Chicago), and all Connecticut employees, supervisors, and non-supervisors, the first time they train.
    • Extended: This 1-hour sexual harassment training course should be used by non-supervisory employees in California and the City of Chicago.
    • Fundamentals: This 45-minute sexual harassment training course should be used by both supervisors and non-supervisors in all other states.

    Additionally, there’s an Essentials version, a shortened 20-minute course designed for high-turnover businesses.

    These courses are available in industry-specific versions providing relevant scenarios that enhance employee engagement and deepen the learning experience:

    Traliant also offers country-specific versions aligning with regional laws and regulations, as well as a global version covering relevant equal opportunity laws for 38 countries:

    A policy review and acknowledgment can be added to the course. As part of their sexual harassment training, users can be required to certify that they have read and understood your sexual harassment prevention policy. This is supported with the inclusion of a “Policy Review” exercise where users are required to search your sexual harassment prevention policies to find the answers to questions relating to your policies.

    Protected Characteristics

    Learning Design

    Traliant’s sexual harassment courses captivate employees through interactive games and story-based learning to create a dynamic, engaging learning experience. Leveraging the timeless power of storytelling, Traliant taps into the proven human preference for learning through narratives. Employees are presented with nuanced scenarios, many inspired by real cases, prompting them to deeply engage and thoughtfully assess each situation. Traliant’s sexual harassment training avoids lecturing employees with a simplistic list of “do’s” and “don’ts,” and delves into the intricacies of “gray area” situations that employees might encounter in real life. Through this, employees better comprehend the potential repercussions of their actions.

    With a “No-Fail” assessment strategy, Traliant’s sexual harassment training for employees ensures everyone masters the course content and eliminates the possibility of failure. To successfully complete the workplace harassment training, employees must complete the Quiz Show. Each cell in the Quiz Show represents a major principle taught in the course. If the learner misses the first question in a cell, the course provides the learner feedback and then provides another question on the same topic. The learner cannot complete the course before correctly answering a question in each cell.

    Key Features

    Go Beyond “Check-the-Box” Training with Traliant

    It’s time to move beyond the traditional “check the box” mentality and embrace a new era of online compliance training that truly empowers your employees.

    No Reruns

    A new course is provided each year at no cost so your employees aren’t forced to take the same training year after year.

    50-State Compliant

    Traliant’s training fulfills the sexual harassment training requirements of all US federal and state laws, including CA, CT, DE, IL, ME, NY, NYC and Chicago.

    Free Legal Updates

    Traliant’s in-house legal expertise ensures training is legally accurate and kept up-to-date with any changes in US federal or state laws.

    Accessible to Users with Disabilities

    Traliant provides an inclusive experience for all users, including those with disabilities, by going beyond Section 508-C standards and offering WCAG 2.1 AA.


    Training is available in English, Spanish and is supported in over 100 languages.

    Instructional Design

    A story-based approach with an engaging design focuses on the nuances of “gray areas.”

    Course Customizations

    Tailor courses to include your logo, relevant policies, workplace images, and more. Traliant can even customize the course with scenarios that take place in your own workplace environment.

    Course Administration

    Traliant makes it simple to roll out training to your workplace and provide technical support directly to your employees at no additional cost.

    User Questions Answered by Experts

    Several state laws require user inquiries to be addressed by qualified experts. Traliant’s Compliance Team promptly responds to user questions about the training content within two business days and at no extra cost.

    Compliance Expertise

    Required Legal Expertise for Training

    State laws and court decisions from around the country require employers to ensure their training is developed and delivered by legal experts. For example, California’s mandatory sexual harassment training laws (SB 1343, SB 396, and AB 1825) specifically require that training providers must have “expertise in the prevention of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.” Moreover, workplace training providers must also have expertise in the prevention of “harassment based on gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.” The trainer provider must be an attorney, professor, instructor, human resource professional or harassment prevention consultant with at least two years of expertise in employment law or harassment prevention.

    Traliant’s in-house legal expertise ensures our training courses are legally accurate and up-to-date with changes in the law. Traliant’s Chief Strategy Officer, Michael Johnson, is one of the leading experts in harassment law in the country. A former U.S. Department of Justice attorney and a graduate of Harvard Law School, Mr. Johnson brought one of the DOJ’s first class-action style sexual harassment lawsuits. He has provided training and consulting to organizations such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Google, the United Nations, and the World Bank. Michael leads our Compliance Advisory Team, whose members have decades of experience practicing employment law for large law firms and Fortune 500 companies.

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    Introduce respect and kindness to employee interactions, and cultivate a safe working environment based on inclusion and mutual understanding to help your organization thrive.

    Continuously Updated to Remain Compliant with the Law

    In the wake of #MeToo, a number of states have passed or have pending legislation on mandatory training requirements for preventing sexual harassment in the workplace. Keeping track of this complex web of laws and regulations can be a challenge, especially if you have employees in multiple states. Traliant offers a streamline solution to manage training that is compliant with federal and state regulations.

    Tailored for Your Organization

    Traliant can customize courses to include your logo, relevant policies, workplace images, and an introductory message from a senior official in your organization. Advanced customization options are also available to further meet your organization’s training needs.

    Policy and Employee Handbook Service

    Ensuring an employee handbook adheres to pertinent laws and regulations can pose a daunting challenge for businesses. With Traliant’s Policy & Employee Handbook service, employers can confidently navigate regulatory changes effectively and maintain an employee handbook that meets compliance requirements and aligns with industry best practices.

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    The Traliant difference

    Compliance training is too important to be boring, and sexual harassment training for employees is a critical area that needs to reflect the latest legal standards and promote a safe and secure work environment. That’s why our workplace harassment prevention training uses the best elements of storytelling, video technology and online training strategies to engage employees and managers and inspire positive behavior. Online sexual harassment training that is up-to-date and relatable to your workforce can ensure your company complies with anti-harassment training requirements while reinforcing your policies, procedures, and initiatives to end this pervasive workplace problem and create a respectful, harassment-free culture.

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