Preventing Discrimination & Harassment Suite

Stopping discriminatory and harassing behaviors is critical to creating a culture of inclusion and respect. Training that explains what unacceptable behaviors are and their consequences to create a civil and equitable work environment, meet federal and state requirements and reduce the risk of lawsuits.

Our award-winning Preventing Discrimination & Harassment Suite is tailored to industries, available in employee/manager versions and compliant with federal and state regulations. The training explains laws protecting individuals from discrimination and sexual harassment, how to file a complaint and how to prevent retaliation. We’ve also included Traliant Sparks, 2-3 minute videos to supplement course training that raise awareness and spark conversations.

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    The Preventing Discrimination & Harassment Suite Includes these Courses:

    sexual harassment trainingPreventing Discrimination and Harassment

    Employee and manager versions of our award-winning Preventing Discrimination and Harassment training explain what is and isn’t acceptable behavior and how to prevent discrimination, harassment and retaliation to reduce the risk of costly violations that can potentially harm to an organization’s reputation, recruiting, retention and productivity. The course is regularly updated to remain compliant with federal & state regulations, including CA, CT, DE, IL, ME, NY & WA.

    Designed for Your Industry
    A corporate office environment doesn’t always resonate well with learners in a variety of specialized industries. Training that includes industry-specific videos and other content that is relevant to those industries creates a more meaningful and effective experience. The course is available in Global, UK and Canadian editions and 7 industry
    versions: Construction, Healthcare, Hotel, Manufacturing & Industrial, Office, Restaurant and Retail.

    Preventing Discrimination & Harassment Versions: 
    Office Edition (for any organization)Higher Ed - Title IX
    Industrial/Manufacturing EditionConnecticut Edition
    Construction EditionNew York Edition
    Healthcare EditionCalifornia Edition
    Restaurant EditionIllinois Edition
    Hotel EditionGlobal Edition
    Retail EditionCanadian Edition

    avoiding retaliation trainingAvoiding Retaliation

    Avoiding Retaliation training for managers and supervisors reinforces their responsibility to keep all forms of retaliation out of the workplace and to respond promptly and effectively to complaints.

    bystander intervention trainingBystander Intervention

    Bystander Intervention training conveys the importance of being an active bystander and offers practical steps for safely intervening to protect co-workers who become targets of abusive behavior.

    Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH)Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH)

    Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) training explains the different types of behavior that can constitute sexual harassment and the actions employees should take if they experience or witness sexual misconduct.

    Plus Traliant Sparks covering Bystander Intervention, Inappropriate Jokes, Protection from Retaliation, Personal Liability, Same Sex Harassment and Reporting Misconduct.


    The Traliant Difference

    Social movements, such as #MeToo, are shining a spotlight on inequities and harassment within industries and companies. Our Preventing Discrimination & Harassment training satisfies federal, state and industry requirements and empowers employees to speak up and report misconduct when they witness it onsite, remotely or on the road.