Promoting Ethical Practices in the Workplace Suite

Workplaces with a strong commitment to ethics make doing what is right a priority. Those that don’t face intense public scrutiny and costly penalties that can put their reputation and business in jeopardy. Regular training is crucial to ingraining the proper business ethics into your work culture.

Our Promoting Ethical Practices in the Workplace Suite builds a strong ethical culture by examining laws and regulations governing your organization and how to recognize and respond to unethical or illegal situations. We’ve also included Traliant Sparks, 2-3 minute videos to supplement course training that raise awareness and spark conversations.

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    The Promoting Ethical Practices in the Workplace Suite Includes these Courses:

    Code of Conduct trainingCode of Conduct

    Code of Conduct training brings your written code to life to ensure employees understand your expectations for ethical behavior and how to navigate potentially unethical or illegal situations. The course includes a broad set of compliance topics and is available as an out-of-the box solution or can be customized to your organization’s needs.

    FAR code of conduct trainingFAR Code of Conduct

    Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Code of Conduct training helps contractors and subcontractors stay compliant with federal business ethics requirements, implement internal controls and report misconduct. 

    Healthcare code of conduct trainingHealthcare Code of Conduct

    Healthcare Code of Conduct training is tailored for employees and managers within the healthcare industry. It explains how to respond to ethical and legal issues they may encounter at work, reinforces expectations for conduct and raises awareness of policies and regulations to reduce the risk of violations and penalties.

    avoiding insider tradingAvoiding Insider Trading

    Avoiding Insider Trading training explains what illegal trades are and what employees need to know and do to avoid the serious consequences of violating insider trading laws.

    Antitrust and Competition Law TrainingAntitrust and competition law training

    Antitrust and Competition Law Training training provides a basic understanding of major federal antitrust laws, including the Sherman Act, Federal Trade Commission Act and Clayton Act. The course helps employees understand their responsibilities under these laws, including how to report their concerns if they observe red flags.

    Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption

    Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption training explains how to remain compliant with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). The course explains different forms of bribery and covers concepts such as “anything of value,” dealing with “public officials” and “facilitation payments.”

    Avoiding Conflicts of InterestAvoiding Conflicts of Interest

    Avoiding Conflicts of Interest training explains what conflicts of interest are, common circumstances that can create conflicts of interest, risks and consequences, and effective strategies for resolving conflicts of interest if they arise.

    export controls trainingExport Controls

    Export Controls training explains basic concepts and terms around US exports, the role of US departments and agencies involved in export laws and regulations, red-flag issues, as well as sanctions and compliance.

    US Import Regulation

    US Import Regulation training introduces managers and employees to the basic concepts and terms of US import control regulations of US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and other government agencies.

    modern slavery in supply chainsModern Slavery in Supply Chains

    Modern Slavery in Supply Chains training helps employees in procurement manage the risks of labor exploitation within the supply chain. The course explains what modern slavery is, provides examples of modern slavery practices and equips staff to identify red flags and report their concerns.

    Supplier Code of ConductSupplier Code of Conduct Training

    Supplier Code of Conduct training for supply chain vendors explains your organization’s expectations and contractual obligations with regard to labor, ethics, health and safety and environment. A managed service provided by Traliant ensures the entire supply chain completes the training.

    Anti-Money Laundering (AML)anti-money-laundering-training/

    Anti-Money Laundering (AML) guides learners through interactive episodes that highlight common money laundering schemes, along with strategies for detecting, preventing and reporting suspicious activities. A variety of eLearning challenges reinforce AML concepts and boost engagement and knowledge retention.

    Plus Traliant Sparks covering Business Courtesies, Facilitation Payments and Protecting Customer Information.


    The Traliant Difference

    Acting with integrity is vital to success. Training protects an organization from costly legal actions and negative public perception. Our Promoting Ethical Practices in the Workplace training ensures everyone understands the difference between right from wrong to build a work culture that inspires trust, pride and a brand reputation of integrity.