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Discrimination and Harassment Training

Address and prevent workplace misconduct.

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Discrimination and Harassment Training

Address and prevent workplace misconduct.

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Traliant’s award-winning Preventing Discrimination & Harassment Suite makes it easy to deploy training that is tailored to your industry, work environment and location. Our comprehensive solution is designed to help you meet federal, state and local requirements, while raising awareness and providing practical actions to address and stop unwelcome behavior — an essential part of creating a speak-up culture and reducing the risk of misconduct and potential lawsuits.

Available in multiple industry and state versions, as well as Global and UK editions, our flagship Preventing Discrimination & Harassment training can be translated in 100+ languages, with separate versions for employees and managers. Whether employees are on-site, remote or hybrid, our mobile-optimized training keeps organizations and employees up to date on workplace topics related to sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation and bystander intervention. We also include Traliant Sparks, short videos (under 3 min) that supplement courses and spark conversations.

Why it Matters

$223 billion

cost of turnover due to toxic work culture over past 5 years. 1

3 out of 4

individuals who experienced harassment never report it. 2


of employees experienced online harassment. 3

The Traliant Difference

Proven effective training

Traliant creates modern, interactive training courses to help organizations meet the challenges of today’s workplace.

Proven Effective Training

Out of 10,000 learners surveyed, 90% say they are “likely or very likely” to use the skills and behaviors learned from our training courses.

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We can quickly and efficiently customize the content and images to be unique to your organization.

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Instructional Design

We’ve applied the latest in learning innovation to ensure that learners have a positive experience and retain the knowledge for future recall.

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Help your employees make the right decisions, at the right moments

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