Frequently Asked Questions


How often does my staff need to take the training?
It is generally recommended that training on preventing sexual harassment be provided annually. This helps ensure your employees understand your expectations for behavior, know what constitutes harassment, and know what to do if they are the target of or witness to harassing behavior. Several states have laws requiring annual training, including CA, CT, DE, IL, ME, NY. California and Delaware mandate training every two years, and Connecticut once every 10 years. Please check your state’s regulations or ask your legal advisor to make sure you meet your state’s sexual harassment training requirements.
How long is the training? Do you have to watch the entire training in one sitting?
It depends. Some places require training for all employees, others have different requirements for employees, managers, supervisors, and owners. See the links in the previous FAQ answer for more details.
What about employees who don’t have access to a computer?
Our courses are smartphone and tablet-friendly for employees who do not typically work from a computer.
Doesn’t sexual harassment training have to be led by an instructor?
Training can be either web-based or in-person. The key requirement is that training be , meaning it requires some level of participation by those being trained. Our web-based Harassment Prevention training course has interactive challenges which ask questions throughout to keep your staff engaged and learning.
If I have employees on leave, do they have to take the training before they return to work?
If there are special circumstances preventing an employee from training before the deadline, please contact your legal advisor for guidance.
Can I preview the policy included in the training?
Click here for an editable version of the standard Anti-Sexual Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Policy included in the training. If your organization does not have a policy, you can use policy and customize the language to meet your organization’s needs. If you choose to customize the policy, make sure you check the “Customized logo and policy” box when purchasing.


I have both managers and employees who need to be trained. Are there separate courses for each? How do I make sure they get the right training course?
There is a separate course for managers covering their additional responsibilities to stop and prevent discrimination, harassment and retaliation. The managers’ course is longer than the employee version to incorporate the additional information. When you sign up, you will select “manager” or “employee” for each individual you enter to ensure our system assigns them the correct version of the course.
How do I determine who should take the managers course?
We do not provide legal advice to employers, but it is considered a best practice to provide the managers course to anyone in a supervisory or leadership position, whether or not they have a managerial title.
The website only shows one price, does the managers course cost more?
The managers and employees versions of the course are being offered to you at the same price to make training for your entire team simple and affordable.
What if I have employees in different states? Do you have different training for different states?

Many states have passed legislation with specific guidelines and deadlines for sexual harassment prevention training. When you sign up your team, you will choose a state for employee to ensure they are getting the training required. If your employee is physically located in a state without current legislation but performs work in a state with regulations in place, choose the state they work in. (Ex: Blake Smith lives in Nevada and works as a technician out of our Reno office. Blake is responsible for the service calls in and around Sacramento, CA. In this example, it would make the most sense to choose CA training for Blake.) Traliant offers versions of Harassment Prevention training that are compliant with the mandates in CA, CT, DE, IL, ME, and the regulations for both NY State and NYC.

What if some of my employees need the Spanish version and others need the English version?
If you have employees that may need the Spanish version, check the “Add Spanish version” option when making your purchase. All of your employees will be prompted to choose either the English or Spanish version when they begin their training. Offering both versions makes it easy for them to choose training in the language with which they are most comfortable.


What’s in the email my employees receive?
Email Sample ImageThe adjacent image shows the entirety of the email your employees will receive after their course has been assigned. Each user will be given their own username and password. The highlighted areas reflect the course assigned, a deadline is automatically set for 30 days, and the name and email address of your training administrator, which gets entered during the purchasing process.
Does the email notification come from me or from Traliant?
The email is automatically generated by our system, so it will come from: Traliant-Admin,
After my employees are notified of their training assignment, how long do they have to complete it?
Your employees will automatically be given 30 days to complete their training. If they do not complete the course in the 30-day window, they will receive an email reminder and will continue to have access to the course. The missed deadline will be noted in the report you receive at the 30-day mark.
What data is shown in the monthly report? Can I download reports or do I have to wait for the monthly report?

report email image30 days after you launch training to your team, the designated administrator will receive an email with a report attached that will provide:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Course
  • Assigned Date
  • Due Date
  • Completed Date
  • Time Spent
  • Last Course Access Time

The report data will help you track which learners have completed the course and which learners will require follow-up communication.