Traliant Sparks

A series of thought-provoking, bite-sized videos to raise awareness and spark conversations about timely workplace issues

In today’s #MeToo era, it takes more than once-a-year training to ensure employees keep harassment, discrimination and other workplace issues top-of-mind throughout the year. The challenge is how to increase employee awareness without inundating them with more training. Traliant Sparks solves that problem.

Traliant Sparks Course ScreenshotTraliant Sparks is a series of short, engaging videos designed to raise awareness, spark conversations and motivate employees to speak up before potential problems become serious workplace issues. Only 2-3 minutes long, each Spark takes on a relevant topic in an informal style that breaks down barriers, making employees feel more comfortable asking questions and talking about their concerns with colleagues, managers or HR.

Easy to deploy on any LMS, Traliant Sparks is an innovative way to complement your annual training, reinforce your policies and send a strong message that when it comes to stopping bad behavior and creating a respectful, harassment-free workplace, we’re all in this together.

A new video series about workplace conduct that gives employees something to talk about!

7 Reasons You’ll Love Traliant Sparks

  • Keeps workplace-conduct issues top-of-mind year-round, without inundating employees with more training
  • Engaging, informal style designed to raise awareness and spark conversations
  • High quality, bite-sized videos fit into unpredictable schedules
  • Can be customized with your policies and messages to fit your culture
  • Mobile-optimized for smartphones and tablets, providing flexibility and convenience
  • Available on any LMS for easy deployment throughout your organization
  • Automatic engagement reports display usage rates to measure success

Traliant Sparks iPhone Screenshot - Consensual Relationships

Traliant Sparks Video Series features a library of topics that we add to regularly. 

Bystander Intervention
“We’re In This Together” – When a manager makes an offensive comment about a team member during a meeting, no one says anything, even though the manager is clearly out of line. Sparks host Chloe dispels the bystanders’ excuses for not getting involved, and explains why it’s important to say or do something. She then challenges viewers to think about how they would respond.

Consensual Relationships
“Love Happens” – In this episode, Sparks host Chloe discovers a coworker is dating their new boss, which brings up a lot of questions about how the relationship can affect the work dynamic. Chloe wonders what the company dating policy is and decides to review it.

Same-Sex Harassment
A Little Help from a Friend” – In this episode, a coworker confides that he’s dealing with same-sex harassment and doesn’t know what to do. Empathizing with his difficult situation, Sparks host Chloe reminds viewers that sometimes all it takes is support from a coworker before an individual feels comfortable reporting sexual harassment.  

Protection from Retaliation
“Doing the Right Thing” – Sparks host Chloe discusses her conversation with a coworker, who fears getting fired for sharing information about a harassment incident. She explains that people who report misconduct or participate in investigations are protected from retaliation and encourages viewers to speak up if they see or hear about inappropriate behavior.

Dating @ Work
“Only Ask Once” – This episode deals with a persistent employee, who keeps asking out a coworker despite being turned down repeatedly. Sparks host Chloe shares some of the increasingly hilarious excuses he gets, along with a workplace dating tip: You get to ask someone out once. If the answer isn’t yes, don’t ask again.

Social-Media Behavior
“Bad Influencer – In this episode, an employee mocks a co-worker’s accent and national origin on social media, sparking a conversation about what is appropriate social media conduct when it involves colleagues and the workplace.

Unwanted Touching
“The Lunch Rush – In this episode, two employees discuss how uncomfortable it is working with someone who consistently gets “handsy” when he’s in a hurry, sparking a conversation about how to keep the workplace respectful, even in a crowded, hectic environment.

Pregnancy Discrimination 
“Misguided Decision” – In this episode, a manager rejects a job applicant outright just because she is pregnant, sparking a conversation about pregnancy discrimination and the importance of following fair employment practices when recruiting, interviewing and hiring.

Personal Liability
“Crossing Lines” – In this episode, Sparks host Chloe describes what happened to a supervisor, who didn’t heed her advice that his off-color comments and jokes might be making people uncomfortable. While it’s good to enjoy a laugh with co-workers, creating a hostile work environment is no joke.

Civility in the Workplace
“It’s Elementary” – In this episode, Chloe shares some practical tips on keeping calm when situations heat up at work. Sure things can get tense sometimes, but attacking a co-worker’s idea, making rude remarks and yelling can create a toxic work culture and take a toll on employee health.

Being an Ally
“A Tough Transition” – In this episode, Chloe shares her thoughts on being an ally to a good friend at work, who is transitioning from male to female. While it is the role of HR and management to provide guidance on how to address work-issues related to the transition, everyone can step up to be an ally by showing respect and compassion.

Unconscious Bias
“Superstar Search” – When a supervisor has trouble hiring a replacement for a “superstar” who left the company, Chloe notices a pattern. The supervisor is only interviewing candidates with the same background as the superstar. Unconscious bias is something we all have, however, if we aren’t aware of our personal biases, they can pose a problem when they interfere with decisions at work.

“Circle Expansion” – Cliques are not just a high school thing. In this episode, Chloe shares her elevator encounter with a co-worker, who confesses she’s caught in a clique trap, all because she wanted to be part of the group. Wanting to fit in is fine, but cliques are not. They can hurt morale, teamwork and productivity. Chloe suggests that, instead of keeping people out, employees can expand their circle at work by thinking and acting inclusively.

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