Traliant Sparks Curriculums

A series of thought-provoking, bite-sized videos to spark conversations and solve common workplace issues.

In today’s #MeToo era, it takes more than once-a-year training to ensure employees keep harassment, discrimination and other workplace issues top-of-mind throughout the year. The challenge is how to increase employee awareness without inundating them with more training. Traliant Sparks solves that problem.

What are Sparks Curriculums?

Sparks CurriculumsUnlike micro learning or refreshers, Sparks Curriculums take a new approach. Common workplace issues are organized into related topics or curriculums that are presented as a series of engaging, 2-3 minute videos —  creating a learning cadence to stimulate discussion and motivate positive behavior throughout the year. 

Easily implemented as a service on our LMS or rolled out on a third-party platform, a new Sparks video is delivered to your organization every few weeks. Employees simply click to view each video (no login required on the Traliant LMS). It’s a great way to complement your training program, reinforce your policies and send a strong message that when it comes to creating a respectful, inclusive workplace, we’re all in this together.

Traliant Sparks Curriculums are conveniently organized by workplace topic.

  • Supercharge Your Preventing Discrimination & Harassment Training
  • Supercharge Your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Initiatives 
  • Tackling Communications Issues
  • Creating a Respectful Workplace 
  • Addressing Gossip, Rumors, Cliques & Social Media
  • Increasing Cultural Competency 
  • Managing “Awkward” Employee Behaviors
  • Managing “Awkward” Manager Behaviors

7 Reasons You’ll Love Traliant Sparks:

  1. Problems Solved: Tell us your problem and we’ll pair you with a curriculum!
  2. Keeps Conduct Top-of-Mind: Reinforces desired workplace behaviors year round.
  3. Engaging & Thought-Provoking: Informal style increases awareness and sparks conversations.
  4. Perfect for Busy Schedules: Each high-quality video is just 2-3 minutes long.
  5. Flexible & Convenient: Mobile-optimized for smartphones and tablets.
  6. Simply Click to Watch: No login required on Traliant LMS.
  7. Worry-Free Deployment: Roll out as a service or on your LMS.

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