FERPA Training

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

FERPA Training

FERPA TrainingFERPA training is an important step in ensuring that colleges and universities understand their obligations to protect the privacy of student education records under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). This federal law applies to educational institutions or agencies that receive funds from the US Department of Education. 

Among its provisions, FERPA prohibits schools from disclosing personally identifiable information from students’ education records without the written consent of a parent or eligible student, with some exceptions. Student names, social security numbers and student IDs are examples of information protected under FERPA.

Providing FERPA training to school administrators, faculty, staff, employees, and third-party contractors and vendors can help schools avoid FERPA violations and meet their responsibility to protect the privacy of student records.  

FERPA Online Training

online ferpa trainingThis 20-minute interactive course explains the key concepts and guidelines for appropriately handling student information protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Content is presented in short, easily digestible nuggets, with real-world examples of information that can and cannot be disclosed, and which records fall into gray areas. The course features a host video, Twitter Q&A, interactive assessments, and includes a course-completion certificate and the school’s privacy policy.

Traliant’s FERPA Training covers these topics and more:    

  • What is FERPA and who does it apply to?
  • Requirements and guidelines for protecting student education records
  • The role and responsibilities of school employees and others 
  • The rights of students and parents 
  • Key terms and concepts related to the law
  • Student information that can be shared, with and without permission
  • Recordkeeping
  • Privacy policy

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Traliant is dedicated to helping organizations create safe, compliant learning and working environments. Our interactive training courses on FERPA, Title IX and the Clery Act are designed for today’s diverse, mobile learners.

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