Preventing Discrimination and Harassment Training for Hotels

Interactive, online training for employees and managers in the hotel & lodging industry

Online Discrimination and Harassment Training for the Hotel Industry

Preventing Discrimination and Harassment Training for Hotels

Preventing sexual harassment in the workplace and creating a respectful, inclusive culture are among the important issues facing the hotel industry today. Hotels are unique environments and it can be a challenge to ensure a safe, harassment-free workplace. If left unchecked, inappropriate behavior from co-workers, managers, vendors or guests can lead to sexual harassment incidents and costly claims that can affect hiring and retention, morale, loyalty programs, brand reputation and the bottom line.

As part of a holistic approach to preventing workplace harassment, implementing a sexual harassment training program tailored to the hotel industry is an important step in educating staff on how to recognize, report and prevent harassment, and maintain a safe and welcoming environment for all employees and guests.

Online Training: Preventing Discrimination and Harassment – Hotel Edition 

Traliant’s Preventing Discrimination and Harassment for Hotels provides a modern, interactive training experience for hotel employees and managers. Through bite-sized episodes, video scenarios that depict realistic workplace incidents, viewer mailbag FAQs and other elements, employees learn how inappropriate behavior can affect individuals the entire organization, and what they can do to  intervene, report and prevent misconduct they may experience or witness.

Preventing Discrimination and Harassment for Hotels is available in online, instructor-led classroom or DVD formats in the following versions:

  • Employees (40 min)
  • CA Employees (60 min)
  • CT Employees (120 min)
  • DE Employees (45 min)
  • IL Employees (45 min)
  • ME Employees (45 min)
  • NY Employees (50 min)
  • WA State Employees (45 min)
  • Managers (55 min)
  • CA Managers (120 min)
  • CT  Managers (120 min)
  • DE Managers (60 min)
  • IL Managers (60 min)
  • ME Managers (60 min)
  • NY Managers (60 min)
  • WA State Managers (60 min)
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    Sexual HarassmentPreventing Discrimination and Harassment for Hotels covers these topics and more:

    • Sexual harassment – how the law defines it and examples of different types, including quid pro quo and hostile work environment
    • Discrimination
    • Understanding and preventing retaliation
    • Discrimination and harassment laws
    • Consequences of workplace discrimination and harassment
    • Bystander Intervention
    • Diversity & Inclusion
    • Unconscious Bias
    • Consensual relationships  
    • The role of a manager/supervisor
    • Responding to complaints

    The Traliant Difference
    At Traliant, we believe that discrimination and harassment training should be engaging, relevant and useful to your workforce and industry. That’s why our award-winning training combines the best elements of video storytelling and eLearning tools and techniques to help organizations raise awareness, drive positive behavior and create a workplace culture of respect, civility and inclusion.  

    What Our Customers Are Saying

    “Finding effective training that fits the culture and environment of your company should be one of your highest priorities. With Traliant, I knew we found a great fit. Not only could they offer us industry-specific courses in hospitality, more specifically they could offer training geared towards our associates in hotels. They were open to our feedback and worked tirelessly to ensure we were happy with our implementation. In my almost twenty years of training I have never had associates come talk to me about a harassment course after they’ve completed it- but this one has sparked a lot of productive conversations! As if it weren’t enough to just offer top-quality training, their customer service skills are some of the best I’ve experienced. Services like these will keep a very loyal customer base and we’re so happy we’ve partnered with Traliant.”

    – Director of Learning & Development, Spire Hospitality

    columbia hospitality“I used to constantly receive emails about technical difficulties with my previous vendor, but I have heard very few complaints since we switched to Traliant! I like that there is much less administrative effort required from my end. Also, one manager mentioned she liked the points/competition aspect of the course, she thought it was fun.”

    -Jessie Cannon, OD Project Coordinator, People & Culture, Columbia Hospitality

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