December 18, 2023

In 2023, Traliant launched an Expert Webinar Series for HR, EHS and Legal professionals.  The free webinars provide expert advice and practical steps for addressing critical topics, regulations and trends impacting company policies, procedures and culture. 

The on-demand webinars remain free to access to help organizations tackle issues important to their workforce, business success and reputation. Here’s a recap of the year’s Expert Webinar Series topics: 

Employment Laws and Employee Wellness 

A detailed look at important federal, state and local policy changes implemented around the country and how they impact your organization’s HR policies and employee handbooks. 

How do you create an awesome company culture to attract, retain and motivate employees? Hear practical steps to foster a more inclusive and civil work environment where employees thrive.  

Addressing employee health and wellness can have a powerful impact on recruitment, retention and productivity. Learn how to strengthen work connections, trust and morale by implementing a wellness mindset.  

Workplace Violence and Harassment  

Traliant surveyed more than 1,000 employees at US companies to learn how they feel about their safety and wellbeing at work. Learn what they say they fear most, and what employers can do to address it 

California is the nation’s first to mandate that employers have a written workplace violence prevention plan, maintain violent incidents logs and provide annual prevention training to employees. Learn key details of the law that goes into effect July 1, 2024. 

Is your sexual harassment policy and training compliant with the nuances of state and local laws? Do you display posters and provide written notices to employees as required? Learn how to comply in all 50 states. 

Environmental, Health and Safety 

Hear practical steps for addressing drug and alcohol misuse and mental wellness to reduce safety concerns, lost workdays and medical costs. 

Are some industries and businesses exempt from OSHA regulations? Learn the truths behind common misperceptions about safety training.  

Gain insights on tailoring emergency preparedness plans to the greatest risks faced by your company, workforce and community. 

Learn strategies and techniques for assessing, preventing and de-escalating confrontations with customers and patients, and how to mitigate the physical and psychological aftereffects of workplace violence on employees. 

Learn how to meet OSHA’s employer responsibility to keep work-from-home environments healthy and safe by empowering remote and hybrid employees to become their own safety advocates. 

Privacy, Lies and Deception, Whistleblowing and the DOJ 

New regulations and privacy protections are complicating how companies should respond to whistleblowers. Learn what to know about the evolving regulatory landscape of whistleblowing laws to stay compliant. 

Developing the skills to spot deception and truthfulness when interviewing applicants, investigating employee misconduct and resolving conflicts.  

Three quarters of consumers abandon brands whom they do not trust with their data. Learn how to implement a privacy program that safeguards customers’ loyalty and complies with disparate state privacy laws. 

Addresses how to interpret DOJ enforcement policy changes and the steps required to put effective internal controls in place to deter and detect ethical misconduct. 



Mark Hudson