Welcome Jackson Lewis Attorneys

Connect your clients with industry-leading online training at preferred pricing.

Traliant is excited to work with Jackson Lewis to offer your clients the best in online training at preferred pricing. We are invested in your clients’ success and will provide a platinum-level training experience to you and your clients.

The Relationship Between Jackson Lewis and Traliant

Who are the Jackson Lewis principals involved in the Traliant relationship?

Edward M. Cherof, Principal | Atlanta

P 404-586-1851 • F 404-525-1173

Samia M. Kirmani, Principal | Boston

P 617-367-0025 • F 617-367-2155

Kristen M. Baylis, KM Attorney | Denver

P 303-876-2217 • F 303-892-5575

Who is the Jackson Lewis contact at Traliant?

Your Traliant contact is:

Karen Britton
Business Development Channel Manager
Mobile: 732-245-7436

What is the financial and business relationship between Jackson Lewis and Traliant?

There is no formal agreement in place. Jackson Lewis refers clients to Traliant when they feel there is a good potential fit.

Information on Traliant Training

What makes Traliant courses different from all of the other similar training options out there?

  1. Traliant’s training is structured like a cable news show. There is an onscreen host, a lower third graphic and different ‘segments’ all modeled after a modern, news-style show.
  2. There are interactive videos featuring real Hollywood actors that are produced with movie professionals. So, the videos don’t look like the typical training videos from the past. They are also “interactive” in that the story freezes at the dramatic arc in the story and learners get to choose and view alternate endings.
  3. The training is quickly and easily customizable. Even though the courses run as polished, professional videos, behind the scenes, the courses are easily customized. Text, narration, and graphics are all easy to change. Click here to download a sample Word document that either a client or a Jackson Lewis attorney can use to customize a course.

What languages are available?

Preventing Discrimination and Harassment is already translated into Spanish and a number of other popular languages. There are over 100 different languages supported.

I would like to see one of the courses myself. How do I arrange for that?

To view a course, simply email Karen Britton, karen.britton@traliant.com, and she will set up access to any of the courses you are interested in.

Here’s How We Will Work With You and Your Clients

What is the process for getting Traliant engaged with one of our clients?

Your Traliant contact is:

Karen Britton
Business Development Channel Manager
Mobile: 732-245-7436

There are two ways to get started:

Simply refer your client by emailing Karen and she will contact them via email, assign them a trial course to review, and cc you on every email.


Email Karen and she will set up a call with you to discuss a specific situation and then jointly agree upon how Traliant will engage your client.

What will it cost my client to train their employees?

Jackson Lewis clients receive a 25% discount on Traliant’s standard per license tiered pricing structure and we will work with their budgets to make pricing work for them.

How is the license structured?

Traliant licenses content directly to the Jackson Lewis client. If the client needs Jackson Lewis to be involved in any course or policy customization work, that remains a relationship between the client and Jackson Lewis.

How long does it take from signing a license to get fully implement?

Typically, it takes 30-60 days from signing to launch. If there is an “emergency” and a client needs to train people within days or weeks, Traliant can accommodate that as long as there are no changes (other than a policy link) to the courses.

How do I get a status update when you are working with one of my clients?

To get an update on progress with Traliant for one of your clients, please contact Karen.

Karen Britton
Business Development Channel Manager
Mobile: 732-245-7436