California SB 396 Training

About SB 396.

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    California SB 396 Training

    The recently passed California Senate Bill 396 adds a new requirement to the existing training regulations outlined in AB 1825. Now, employers’ biennial sexual harassment and discrimination program must include a section on gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.

    This new addition is not the first change to the AB 1825 regulations. In 2015, the bill AB 2053 added a requirement for training on abusive conduct or “bullying.” Then, in 2016, FEHA updates added preventative policies, protections, and employer actions to reduce harassment, discrimination, and workplace retaliation.  

    Through a series of personalized, interactive lessons, Traliant’s Preventing Workplace Harassment (PWH) online training course meets all of the requirements, including the latest SB 396. Keep your workforce up-to-date on all the latest issues and stay compliant with new requirements!

    SB 396 Training: Employer Requirements

    Do you need to train your employees? AB 1825 requires that employers in California with 50 or more employees provide sexual harassment training and discrimination training (including the new component) to supervisory employees. The program needs to be at least two hours long, and employees must undergo training once every two years. Further, all supervisory employees are required to take the training within six months of starting their position.

    Updated AB 1825 Training Compliance Checklist

    What all does the updated AB 1825 training have to cover? It must include the following:

    • Instruction from educators who are knowledgeable in the subject matter
    • Information and practical advice regarding state and federal statutory provision against sexual harassment
    • Guidance on the prevention and correction of sexual harassment
    • Remedies available to victims of sexual harassment at work
    • Practical examples to instruct supervisors
    • Prevention of abusive conduct
    • Coverage of gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation in relation to harassment
    • Practical examples of harassment based on gender identity and expression, and sexual orientation

    With Traliant’s PDH course, you can rest assured, your workforce will receive instruction on every piece of required subject matter.

    What Happens if an Employer is Not Compliant?

    The updated AB 1825 training is required by all employers in order to ensure supervisors within an organization are equipped to prevent, identify, and handle the issues of sexual harassment and abusive conduct. If your company does not provide a qualifying training, the department can seek an order which requires compliance.

    Traliant PDH Training For California Business Owners

    Traliant designed our Preventing Discrimination and Harassment course specifically for managers in California. It meets the training requirements for AB 1825, SB 396, AB 2053, and the 2016 FEHA updates. Further, it also educates through behavior-based instruction, showing real-life scenarios that are relatable. We make it fun and painless, engaging learners through gamification and short, bite-sized videos. Say goodbye to boring training videos!

    Your supervisors will be more than just compliant; they will be informed and prepared to prevent abusive conduct in the workplace. As a result, your business can function as it was meant to, without behavior problems holding you back.