California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Training

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Training

online training for california consumer privacy act ccpaThe California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is among a growing number of state, national and global data privacy and information security laws focused on consumer privacy rights. Every organization doing business in California needs to understand the CCPA, which gives individuals living in the state more control over how businesses collect, use, share and sell their personal information. 

Among the law’s requirements, for-profit businesses that meet certain criteria must provide CCPA training to employees who handle consumer inquiries about company privacy practices; and to anyone responsible for the business’s CCPA compliance.

As part of an organization’s data privacy and information security program, ongoing CCPA training helps employees understand their responsibilities to safeguard consumers’ privacy rights and respond promptly to consumer requests. For companies doing business in California, ensuring employees are up to date on CCPA compliance is key to building customer trust and avoiding violations that can result in significant fines, penalties and damage to a company’s reputation. 

Online Training: California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

california consumer privacy act ccpa training

This 25-minute online course provides employees and managers with a basic understanding of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and their responsibilities when handling personal information associated with a consumer or household. The course covers the key provisions of the CCPA in four interactive episodes, featuring a video host, Q&A tweets and viewer email, and practical examples that reinforce key concepts and keep learners engaged.

Topics include:

  • Who is protected under the CCPA
  • Which businesses are subject to the CCPA
  • What is and isn’t considered personal information
  • Consumer rights under the CCPA
  • Examples of how personal information is collected
  • Third-party risks
  • Right to Know, Right to Delete, Right to Opt-Out and Right to Non-Discrimination
  • Personal information of minors
  • Keeping CCPA compliance records

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