Ethics Training and Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct Training for Your Modern Workforce

Code of Conduct Training and Ethics Training Program

Sitting through another hour-long “click, next, click, next” eLearning compliance training just doesn’t cut it anymore.  That’s why our Code of Conduct course looks more like a cable news show than a compliance training course. But we didn’t stop there. We create an immersive experience that dramatizes ethical topics through interactive videos that users view and then must choose from alternate endings.

We start by tailoring the opening motion graphics sequence with your logo, values and images, along with photos from your organization. Imagine the impact when your Code of Conduct and Ethics Training Program opens with this customized video.

Executive Introduction

An effective Code of Conduct requires a strong “tone from the top” message that ethical behavior is a critical part of the organization’s success.  To communicate this, we include a “message from the CEO,” explaining the importance of the Code of Conduct and Ethics Training Program.  You can choose to replace our CEO actor with a video featuring one of your own senior executives speaking directly to your employees. Or you can customize the background with an image from your company or industry.  We do it all, quickly and easily.

Tracking User Engagement

Everyone says their courses are “engaging.” The difference with Traliant is that we actually measure it. During interactions and quizzes, correct answers earn points – more points for answering correctly the first time and fewer points for retries. Over 90% of end users surveyed rated the point system 5-stars on the “boring to brilliant” scale.

Code Of Conduct & Ethics Training Program

Our training is built on a completely modular platform so we can add or remove any of the segments. For organizations looking to quickly roll out a training program covering the core Code of Conduct topics, we also offer a “Code of Conduct Essentials” Course.  Here are the topics covered in each edition:

Code of Conduct EditionEnterpriseEssentials
Doing the Right Thing - Business Ethics
        Conflicts of Interest
        Gifts and Entertainment
        Political Activities
Playing by the Rules - Corporate Governance
        Fair Dealing Expectations
        Record Keeping
        Insider Trading
        Third Party Due Diligence
        International Trade Laws
        Anti-Money Laundering
        Environmental Stewardship
Working Together - Workforce
        Respectful Workplace
        Harassment & Bullying
        Health and Safety
        Asset Protection
        Substance Abuse
        Social Media
Protecting Information - Data Protection
        Confidential Information
        Information Security
        Data Privacy

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