Workplace Ethics Programs: Code of Conduct Training

Training employees to recognize and raise concerns about ethical workplace issues

Code of Conduct TrainingCode of Conduct training, especially during uncertain times, is an essential step in communicating an organization’s core values and principles and ensuring employees understand their responsibility to act with honesty and integrity — inside and outside the workplace. 

From avoiding conflicts of interest to protecting confidential information to preventing discrimination and harassment, Code of Conduct training teaches employees how to recognize and respond to potentially unethical or illegal situations that can harm an organization’s reputation and result in costly violations.  

As part of an effective compliance program, Code of Conduct training provides a flexible way for organizations to demonstrate how ethical and compliance issues apply in everyday situations, and motivate employees to speak up and raise concerns.

Online Code of Conduct Training

With Traliant’s modular approach to Code of Conduct training, organizations can choose from an array of topics to ensure the course reflects the issues that are most relevant to their business and workforce. The course can also be customized with a company’s unique branding, images and video message to reinforce leadership’s commitment to creating and maintaining a culture of integrity. 

Topics are presented in bite-sized episodes, with a host who guides learners through interactive video scenarios depicting real-world situations. eLearning exercises, knowledge checks and assessments are integrated throughout the course, challenging employees to think about what it means to make ethical decisions and the consequences of misconduct.

Traliant’s Code of Conduct training can be translated into 100+ languages and is mobile‑optimized for any device or platform. The course includes an acknowledgement form and link to the organization’s written Code of Conduct policy.  Traliant also offers Code of Conduct for Healthcare Employees, Supplier Code of Conduct and Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Code of Conduct for federal contractors and subcontractors.

Code of Conduct Edition
Our Obligations to Our Team
        Acting with Respect
        Supporting Inclusion
        Health and Safety
Our Commitment to Others
        Keeping Private Information Private
        Avoiding Insider Trading
        Political Activities
        Sustaining the Environment
        Upholding Human Rights
Doing Business the Right Way
        Gifts and Entertainment
        Fighting Money Laundering
        Never Bribe
        Competing Fairly
        International Trade Laws
        Avoiding Conflicts of Interest
Safeguarding Our Assets, Reputation and Integrity
        Keeping Systems Secure
        Protecting Our Assets
        Speaking for the Company
        Keeping Accurate Records

The Traliant Difference

We believe that compliance training is too important to be boring. That’s why we bring together an experienced team of subject matter experts, eLearning specialists, instructional designers and video producers to create interactive learning experiences that raise awareness, drive positive behavior and foster a respectful, inclusive workplace culture.

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