Classroom & Instructor-Led Training

Supplement Instructor-Led Training with Interactive, Online Courses

Many organizations choose to combine both online and classroom training. For those organizations, we offer a solution to meet your training needs. No matter which version you choose, you will always be able to share the immersive experience of our interactive videos and news show format.

Fully-Interactive Classroom Training
Traliant offers courses that are designed to duplicate the complete functionality of the online training course in a classroom setting. It is ideal for a trainer who wants to use interactive exercises and other employee engagement tools such as the Drag and Drop interactions, Leaderboard, Puzzle, etc. to get the entire class involved in the training.

 Classroom Interactive
UseSimilar to the online experience; ideal when some users are unable to take the online version, but can gather in a classroom setting and with minimal guidance from instructor, view the program
Format/OutputCourse/View via Browser
Audio NarrationYes
Interactive VideosYes
Interactive Exercises (drag n drop, multiple choice)Yes, with narrated instructions
End of Episode AssessmentsYes
Answer KeyYes
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    This clips shows a portion of our Classroom training with an in-course narrator.

    Don’t just take our word for it!  Here’s what our customers have to say:

    v&w logo“I want to thank your team at Traliant for being there for us on such short notice. We needed an offline version of the harassment and discrimination course and your very responsive sales and implementation teams got that to me for review shortly after my first call. Upon purchasing the course, they made sure I was able to successfully download it and have it ready for my presentation to our firm a few days later. Other vendors I contacted were either unresponsive or sent me something different from what I had expressed interest in. I felt comfortable working with the team from Traliant right from the initial contact, all the way through.

    I presented the course to a group of about 50 people in a restaurant banquet room. Our group was very engaged in the course and the content generated good questions and discussion. We liked being able to see both the good and bad outcomes of the various video scenarios as they made the answers to participants’ questions very obvious. In addition to the content being interesting and well presented, the exercises lent themselves very well to keeping the entire audience engaged as I randomly called on audience members to answer each question.

    After the presentation, several of our audience members told me that they liked the presentation.

    My goal going in was to keep the audience engaged and to make sure they learned the material. I can say with great confidence that this goal was accomplished.”

     Bill Winslow, Controller, Vestal & Wiler, CPA’s

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